Monday, June 16, 2008

3 main products!

At this stage there are 4 product lines on the site:

In open access
  • programs, e-books, videos and audios in open access


  • Individual programs and e-books, audios, etc
  • Vital membership

Bonuses - free advice (15 min email coaching included) - This is what I used to practice before march 2008

I stopped practicing that in March 2008 - stopped offering free advice - coaching sign ups went up 100%

  • Coaching

no free advice

Access to all material on the site (vital membership included)

The best formula that worked in March and April 2008

  • "Yes, ask questions" advertized on the sales page
  • A few open access programs on the site
  • No free advice neither in forum or email

Conclusion, go back to the March - April strategy, balance and arrangement

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