Monday, June 16, 2008

ask a question included - another possible option

Here is how I tried to word this feature in a way which keeps it optional:


Can't find the answer to your specific situation? - No problem! A simple link in your member area or e-book allows you to email me with your question.

You usually get an answer + detailed strategy within 24 hours.

This is not a feature I can guarantee at 100% because of my travelling schedule and other professional demands.

It is something I try to offer as much as possible though.

This feature is the equivalent to a 5 min email advice session.

If your question is too detailed or I simply have too many professional commitments whe you contact me, I will simply ask you to sign up for a coaching session.


Here is another example with the "Complete package" feature:

Everything you need to win is included in this package! - You won't be asked or pushed to buy anything else - No upsell! - No upgrades! - Again, it's all included!

One exception of course! That's if you want to have one on one coaching with me - In that case, yes, you'll need to buy coaching credits which are not included with this package.


Again, first impression, it's not too convincing.


because when you buy a product, you need security!

You need something solid rather than some vague feature that might or might be not depending on vague elements.


Use it or not?

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