Friday, June 13, 2008

coaching sign ups - still up

This week confirms the trend with many more coaching sign ups.

The test was:

Does decommercializing access to various areas of the site like wake up your power, stay fit and tantric sex lead to rebuilding the trust bridge with the audience?

The answer is yes so far.

Of course the trend needs to be checks and confirmed by the end of this month, but for now the trend is very clear.

Just one week after freeing the access to these programs, coaching sign ups start flowing again.

In that case, the conclusion is:

commercialization is a massive turn off.

by the way, during that period of time here are other things that are still going on:
  • The access to the forum is still open
  • No free one on one advice is given (neither via email, personal messages or forum posts) - My answer is standard and encourages the prospect to sign up for coaching.

of course, these trends I observe are not the reflection of one prospect's or visitor's response.

They are the reflection of my audience as a whole.

We are talking about energy response from an audience.

This is a response to my intentions.

These trends that I observe now are difficult to explain unless I consider my audience as a unified field of energy rather than separated visitors and prospects.

This means that one visitor, will respond to the emotions I project and what they feel from the audience's unified field of energy.

While they don't directly interact with other members of that audience, they still feel each other's response as a unified field of emotions.

Their emotional response + signing up for coaching or buying a product is the reflection of what they feel when they touch this unified field of energy which is my audience.

A tiny little change which is hardly perceptible by 95% of my visitors will result in that case in a 200% increase in coaching sign ups for instance.

This means that my intentions, what I project and the way I package and offer my help (free, programs, membership, videos, etc) will have a definite and clear impact in the way my audience responds to my message.

The thing is that in my case, the shifts I made in the beginning of this month touch programs that most of those who signed up for coaching did not even check (This is my belief at 80% - That's my level of certainty about that fact)

This means that subtle and invisible forces are at play and visitors not only read or check my material, they as well receive a subtle formless telepathic message which impacts on their emotions and is the reflection of my intentions + The unified field of energy of my audience.

This is it!

I will try to find a simpler way to summarize this ;)

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