Friday, June 6, 2008

how to promote new material?

The key dilemma here is to promote new vids or additions without triggering emotional reactions because at the end you don't give your visitors or viewers what they were expecting to get for free.

At this stage, here is an example:

I created this new vid called "4 key steps to get her out of your mind".

Online right now, no one knows it exists!

No one!

That's the problem because it is highly valuable but no one knows it exists!

at this stage, I have two possible avenues to get the word out:
  • Offering the first minute for free?
  • Creating a promotional vid for that one?
  • Offering the vid for free in my various vid channels and hoping that this will trigger actually more sales?
  • Automatic post series to blogs?
  • Forget about that one and simply create a series of promotional videos based on a totally different content: success stories!

this last one sounds like a good alternative...

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