Friday, June 6, 2008

Main promotional strategy?

Here are the promotional strategies i tried so far:
  • Google + yahoo ads - in decline due to far too high click prices
  • SEO pages
  • Promotional vids
  • Automatic posting to blogs
  • Post and wait

here are some directions that could work in theory but that don't

  • Generously posting big parts of the content in the hope of attracting more people to the site and getting at least some to buy the full product
  • Answering most of the questions in depth for free
  • Posting links in forums (usually considered as spam - moderators usually kick out that type of promotional offers)

Right now, I am really looking for a new way to promote or not promote.

Simply keep on doing what I have been doing till now?

There is a gap in my marketing strategy and I am simply not sure what the next step is!

I need help and a clear picture about that one!

Some clear direction is still missing!

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