Monday, June 16, 2008

Natural evolution

The natural evolution is for the e-books and program sales to rise up again.

The ask a question feature is not usually part of any e-book, audios or videos you ever buy!

So offering that within a package is like being too generous and by doing so, maybe lowering your credibility.

When there is a shift in features, it takes a while for the audience to readapt.

For instance, if you have been offering something for free, selling that product will take a while to take off.

It takes off only if it is a justified feature and is really stable on the long term.

The best way to find out is what are others doing in that field.

For instance, if you had to pay to make a search on a search engine, this would be a massive turn off, right?

on the other hand, receiving one on one personalized help from a top expert is something most people don't really expect because close to no one practices that.

So, at this stage, the exact right strategy needs to be found.

The strategy you have been applying over the last few months - No free advice - has been working great with simply getting people to sign up for coaching.

So, that one works and is well intended because the other option was tried and can work if you don't need any source of income or don't want to sell your coaching services.

You then function from a different persepctvive and don't worry about money at all.

You simply help for free when you want to.

Of course, right now, the trend is to ask prospects to sign up which is very fair.

For the e-books and programs sales, the same applies.

The products you offer are super solid and they do work with or without the ask a question option.

This means that every times someone buys such product, they get a massive amount of value for a very low price.

It targets exactly waht they face and this gives them the boost of energy and power kick they are looking for!

They can access the material online as many times as they want without any time limit!

Alltogether, these packages are impressive in quality and value!

You offer loads for a very small price and any one who would not go ahead and buy your package would miss a massive opportunity!

They would waste time + energy

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