Friday, June 13, 2008

The nature of the coaching spirit

Two ways to look at it.

The coaching spirit is intimately associated with me.

Basically, the coaching spirit is me

the second way is to see the coaching spirit as a separate and independent entity.

I tune into that coaching spirit and I am serving that force or that power.

This coaching spirit is of course connected with all the forces that sponsor my work


This coaching spirit has its own plan, purpose or destiny line.

My purpose and destiny line is simply a line of energy within that vaster larger purpose.

There is no contradiction of course because my inspiration from the start has been intimately coming from that source.

These two way of looking at it work.

Now, when I overcommercialize the site, there is an emotional or energy response from my sponsors which creates a tension.

The reason why I talk about these concepts is because my sales and promotional strategy is intimatley lined with what in the core of this coaching spirit.

This is much more than my own decision.

My moves are aligned with an internal vision, power and destiny line which is very clear in terms of energy direction.

Within this coaching spirit, this clarity is formless but it does energetically respond to my intentions and actions.

This tells me exactly when I am in tune and when I am not.

My own awareness of the plan I follow has been the result of getting feelings by trying directions.

I tried many directions.

Sometimes, the energy response is positive. I feel a synchronization internally because the enrgy flows really well.

Sometimes, the energy response is negative which means that tension is created and the energy seems to stop flowing.

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