Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New ebooks? - What's the next step strategy?

Over the last couple of months i did create a few new e-books.

some fo the do get natural exposure because they are part of an existing program.

Some others though are hidden in the site and get very little traffic and sales potential.

The sales for these e-books is right now with the vital membership.

What can be done next?
  • Create a new autoreseponder + automatic blog posting for it?
  • Create a set of videos to promote it?
  • Offer it for free in exchange of for instance a youtube subscription?
  • Offer it as a stand alone product rather than with the vital membership?
  • Simply create new e-books and keep posting them the way I did?
  • New fire targets which have nothing to do with that line of action?
  • Something else?

When the vital membership is reinforced for all products, creating new e-books flows and makes sense.

Now, when offering some channels for free, this contradicts the vital membership build up.

The fire to create new e-books partially drops down because the target (vital memberships sign ups) is no longer top priority.

Something else is above that target which is the ashramic vibes I talked earlier about in other posts.

So, what's the direction?

I need an answer on that one!

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