Monday, June 16, 2008

Possible evolution

here are possible future packaging options:
  • Ask a question included - Vague - What's the limit? (already used until May 2008)
  • 5 min email coaching credits included
  • 15 min email coaching credits included
  • 60 min credits with vital membership
  • No expert advice included - sign up for coaching



  • If I offer free coaching with e-books, programs and memberships, it is part of the package and is no longer some form of optionla service I offer if I want to

This means that the continuity with being present to answer questions must be stronger.

This is more than simple technical support!

It is really a coaching service and those who answer the questions must be trained and really know what they are doing.

If I offer this service, it is a serious commitment, not just an extra I can do on the side.

If it's a feature it has to be solid!

I could as well keep it really flexible and offer it if I want to and make it clear that this could be an extra that customers might receive.

This last option tends to create a sense of slight instability...

Recommended? Yes? No?

This feature is something that was vague before. Setting it up that way was okay because I was offering free advice until February 2008.

Now that I shifted to a more firm strategy and no longer give free advice, I need to be coherent and show integrity.

Being lose with that is along the same line as using some illustrations picked online for instance or other unprofessional practices.

You do get away with them and it's even not that much of a big deal but it lowers your professionalism and brand.



Best option?

To be followed

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