Friday, June 13, 2008

Sales numbers relatively low

This has been going on for three weeks now with numbers especially low in the last week.

In that case, there are three possible explanations:
  • This is simply a natural up and down
  • The increased coaching sign ups is related with the fact that this is where the coaching spirit is focusing it's energy right now - This could be the reflection of my own subsconscious intentions or it could be the result from an intention shift in a coaching spirit which is partly independent from me - I'll talk about this more in a minute.
  • The fact that I did create a new set of videos for members only and by doing so I created a wall of energy and did not really link my energy again with my unified audience. This means that my process is incomplete and I still need to take some steps to link this new material all the way with my unfied audience.

At this stage, I feel like this third explanation is the key.

The reason why i did not take a final step is because the strategies I used in the past are ok but I feel there might be something else and new to do to promote or link these videos with my global audience.

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