Monday, June 2, 2008

Strategic change for this month due to coaching sign ups decrease + income decrease

Starting today and yesterday, I started offering again wake up your power, sty fit + tantric sex in free access.

over the last month, I commercialize and made the channels + many other resources for members only.

By the end of the month, the e-book sales are steady and the vital memberships are slightly up (50%) however, the number of new coaching sign ups is down by 80% for that month.

There are two possible lines I can take:
  • The first one is strengthening and perfecting the way I promote the membership
  • The second is go back to the previous "free access" format for many of these resources.

This second option would mean a drop in value for the vital membership as many resources are now free access instead of members only.

Right now, the strategy would be to follow up on that line of action and see what happens by the end of the month.

If coaching sign ups go up again, it means that commercializing some of these channels seems to kill coaching sign ups.

This could be due to energy reasons I explored ealier in previous posts like:

  • Negative emotional build up by people being turned off when having to buy the membership
  • Commercialization of some of these channels destroys the trust bridge I have with these prospects because my activities are suddenly perceived as mony and commercial oriented.
  • Etc.

The results for this month could simply be the reflection of a transition and a new equilibrium could eventually be built up after a few months.

because of the commercial fire took in the last month, the value of the membership could eventually increase to the point where the membership sales start building up.

This could eventually compensate for the loss in coaching sign ups and these ones could even take off again.

Practically, the temporary results of this last month shift has been an income decrease. Overall, around 25% mainly related with drop in coaching sign ups.

Now, this is a cross road point.

Depending on the direction I engage it gives two very different colours to the site and my online activity.

The first line focuses much more on free content.

The second one builds up the vital membership as the main line on the site.

I will test now the first line for a month (that's the idea) and see what results I get within these 30 days.

Both lines are a exciting action lines with lots of potential of course, but the site and my activty is probably slightly more attuned with one or the other.

The final answer might be to take a middle line and do both.

This is tough though because giving stuff away fro free brings down the vlaue of the vital membership. So these two lines of action apprently contradict themselves.

To be followed of course...

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