Friday, June 13, 2008

what step to take to bring the e-books sales back up

As I said earlier, the sales could be down because I added new video materiald but did not connected this to my audience via any promotional or video publishing step.

Conclusion here is a possible step:
  • Simply offer these videos in free access and use the full vids as they are as promotional videos for the rest of the program

Other possible steps that did not really convince me:

  • Post the first min of the video - Already tried with the jealousy for men series - Not too convinving for some reason
  • Automatic posts to blogs - not ideal either
  • Create a special promotional vid - too limited - feels like duplicated work + purely promotional work leads to a specific emotional response from my audience - This one works though! In fact my first promotional break up vid is not even promotional - It is a solid complete break up strategy I distributed without stopping it - Music + edited

This last strategy could be the solution.

Questions are:

  • Music + editing? yes or no?
  • Do that for all new vids or just for one?
  • Use the full vid or only some parts?

I need answers on these! Thank you!

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