Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Featured in "The Guardian" - What is the impact in terms of sales or visits to the site?

It's of course hard to measure it exactly because this is part of long term brand building and every promotional step counts.

Here are some numbers:
  • The guardian is one of UK's leading newspapers - As media exposure it does not get any better than that.
  • The online version of the article provides an active link to my youtubechannel

Here are some results:

  • An estimated 500 visits to my youtbe profile as a result of the online link and maybe some checked it because of the link posted in the hard copy of the article in the newspaper.
  • No change in new subscribers on my channel
  • A possible 50 extra visits to my home page - hard to say - these visits landing mainly on the dating for men channel - but hard to say
  • A few congratulations from other featured channels authors
  • Long term brand awareness increase? - Sure - The name vitalcoaching gets out there of course

This is it as far as what can be measured.

Now, I am super thankful for the feature!

Yes! It is a boost!

yes! I would be thankful to get more of them! Absolutely!

It's a form of general public validation which deffinitely ads value to my coaching.

Even if the sales or subscribers numbers don't get a significant boost out of it, the brand awareness impact is most certainly there.

Thanks again! I am very grateful! Loved it


Just checked the visit stats to my videos + channel and yes

  • 1000 extra video views - can probably be attibuted to that feature.
  • 300 of these video views are for the vid featured on my channel
  • the 700 other video views seem to be random accross my channel - At first sight, I don't detect any visible trend
  • This means an increase of 25% to the usual daily traffic - So that's not spectacular in my case but very welcome of course ;)
  • Interestingly, all these views and visits did not lead to a significant new number in subscriptions (which is logical - if I keep in mind the video views numbers, these new subscriptions should account for 25% of my daily average subscriptions - That's like 1 or 2 subscriptions at this stage
  • the number of daily channel views is much bigger with an increase of probably 400% compared to average -but this did not seem to significantly influence the number of subscribers

Thursday, July 10, 2008

not answering comments on youtube or welcoming new subscriptions - does this increase sales or coaching sign ups on my site?

In the last week, I stopped answering comments or welcoming new subscribers.

The new coaching trend is steady and sales as well -

Is this factor influencing these results or not?

To test this, I could stop answering comments or welcoming new subscriptions for one month and see what happens.

is this the thing to do?

cheating for men - sales stats

The page http://vitalcoaching.com/cheatingformen.htm got around 512 visits and made 10 sales in 4 months

the conversion rate is quite high compared with other pages and especially considering the fact that the sales page is almost only a video.

On top of that the product is one short e-book only!

This proves that video does sell pretty well!

maybe 50% of traffic originates from youtube.

That's not much but indicates a traffic building + selling that strategy that works for that specific e-book

automatic posts to staellite blogs - results

It has ebeen now a couple of months since I started with this new strategy and after a sudden traffic increase in breakupformen.com, it stabilizized itself.

Some of the other satellite sites followed the trend and traffic slightly increased eventutally on these sites as well after creating a blog for that domain.

Now, this trend is not spectaculra but is one of the elemenst that did work for these satellite sites.

On vitalcoaching.com, no noticeable traffic increase related with the automatic posting to blogs for instance vital news.

A massive amount of links have been created on these satellite blogs that direct to http://vitalcoaching.com/breakupformen.htm

the traffic to that page has been steady for a few months with around 1500 page views/month.

I will stay tuned on the traffic to that page and see if eventually traffic kicks in after a few months, once all these new links are really processed by search engines.

To be followed...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

answering comemnts on youtube or not? - Makes apparently no difference on the activity or number of subscribers

In the alst week, I checked what happens when I stop answering comments or post a little message to new subscribers


Same number of messages, same type of number of subscribers, etc.

In other terms, answering or not the comments makes no difference on that level.

It still might make a difference in how the audience feels about the channel but basically, it does not really influence the stats.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Video views? - What's going on?

The average vid views increase keeps going up - the data is not totally clear because of various statistics tracking systems.

To be followed...

June results - vital membership not reinforced

This months was testing the free access to stay fit, tantric sex and wake up your power programs.

  • Membership sales down 75%

This is logical! - offering some of the programs for free lowers the value of the membership - Not enough data to make it 100% sure but that's the idea

  • E-books sales down 20%

If more is in free access, the audience will naturally tend to buy less.

  • Coaching up 50% with a few new clients

The shift is clear again - I was talking about the bridge of trust and it this is an indication that the bridge of trust was established again.

Overall, income is down 10% compared with last month

The data is toolittle to draw a final conclusion but it seems that this is more or less equivalent to last month.

Now, we are back to the situation I was in March/April but the income compared with these months is lower 25%

That one is significant!

The big difference this month of June compared with March/April is that I did not post too many promotional material or new videos.


because I focused on nutrition exploration, raw food, outdoor energy work, etc.

This means that the amount of reach out energy going to my audience was lower.

In other terms, I was less out there showing my face and speaking out.