Thursday, July 10, 2008

automatic posts to staellite blogs - results

It has ebeen now a couple of months since I started with this new strategy and after a sudden traffic increase in, it stabilizized itself.

Some of the other satellite sites followed the trend and traffic slightly increased eventutally on these sites as well after creating a blog for that domain.

Now, this trend is not spectaculra but is one of the elemenst that did work for these satellite sites.

On, no noticeable traffic increase related with the automatic posting to blogs for instance vital news.

A massive amount of links have been created on these satellite blogs that direct to

the traffic to that page has been steady for a few months with around 1500 page views/month.

I will stay tuned on the traffic to that page and see if eventually traffic kicks in after a few months, once all these new links are really processed by search engines.

To be followed...

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