Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Featured in "The Guardian" - What is the impact in terms of sales or visits to the site?

It's of course hard to measure it exactly because this is part of long term brand building and every promotional step counts.

Here are some numbers:
  • The guardian is one of UK's leading newspapers - As media exposure it does not get any better than that.
  • The online version of the article provides an active link to my youtubechannel

Here are some results:

  • An estimated 500 visits to my youtbe profile as a result of the online link and maybe some checked it because of the link posted in the hard copy of the article in the newspaper.
  • No change in new subscribers on my channel
  • A possible 50 extra visits to my home page - hard to say - these visits landing mainly on the dating for men channel - but hard to say
  • A few congratulations from other featured channels authors
  • Long term brand awareness increase? - Sure - The name vitalcoaching gets out there of course

This is it as far as what can be measured.

Now, I am super thankful for the feature!

Yes! It is a boost!

yes! I would be thankful to get more of them! Absolutely!

It's a form of general public validation which deffinitely ads value to my coaching.

Even if the sales or subscribers numbers don't get a significant boost out of it, the brand awareness impact is most certainly there.

Thanks again! I am very grateful! Loved it


Just checked the visit stats to my videos + channel and yes

  • 1000 extra video views - can probably be attibuted to that feature.
  • 300 of these video views are for the vid featured on my channel
  • the 700 other video views seem to be random accross my channel - At first sight, I don't detect any visible trend
  • This means an increase of 25% to the usual daily traffic - So that's not spectacular in my case but very welcome of course ;)
  • Interestingly, all these views and visits did not lead to a significant new number in subscriptions (which is logical - if I keep in mind the video views numbers, these new subscriptions should account for 25% of my daily average subscriptions - That's like 1 or 2 subscriptions at this stage
  • the number of daily channel views is much bigger with an increase of probably 400% compared to average -but this did not seem to significantly influence the number of subscribers

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