Monday, September 29, 2008

Group versus live events

These are actually two different products!

A group is very different from a live event but a group is often created first to then launch events within that group.

My goal is to create events, not groups.

At this stage at least, simply having agroup online without the live events is simply geared towards virtual activities.

On top of that, taking a group live and maintaining this line of action requires consistency. You can't build up a live group, spend months doing that and simply shut down activity for 6 months because you take off.

This is why live events seems to be the target and product to promote!

It could very well be that to create a live event, I can use the group system and promote to that audience as well.

The two of them could be linked or live events should funtion by themselves without group creation.

When I check the size of the active groups out there, they often count 0 to 50 members.

It is very rare to have a group on meetup for instance that counts more than that.

That's the type of virtual group size you get afte probably months of presence and effort.

Again, live events is the real traget you want to reach.

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