Monday, September 29, 2008

New strategies - live events - oct 2008

the next stage is to test and launch live events.

This is one of the possible lines of eveolution for my activity.

Until now, 90% of my activity is virtual it means that my coaching is delivered via the internet in the form of videos, audios, e-books, etc.

A part of my impact is coaching by phone.

Now, the live event direction has been explored in the past with some success.

Live coaching in Paris, Dubai.

Outdoor magic in the Alps.

Vitality on the beach in the Netherlands.

All these worked to a certain extent but one key element was still missing:

A format or way of doing which is easy to reproduce without major effort.

Right now, this has a massive potential but has not yet been explored because other lines were flowing more easily.

Now is the time to test and see if going live is the way to go in the future. This could be a new card to ad to my skills and the way I promote and transmit my coaching.

Events could small groups or the live aspect could still be one on one coaching.

The events can take the two directions: free or fee - of course the fee could give long term stability to this new product.

It could as well be simply a spiritual transmission line which is based on a different set of dynamics around yoga, tantra for instance.

All doors are open at this stage.

One of the limiting factors in the past has been marketing the event and reaching enough people.

Location was an issue as well with for instance the outdoor live events in the Alps with the weather challenges.

The topics for the events have been relatively vague as well...

So for future events, here is what comes to mind - here is what is needed:
  • Target for the event very clear - audience and demand must be present!
  • Right pricing - even if it happens to be free! - It has to be adapted to what people can afford and as well give me enough momentum to easily present these events over and over again without limitation
  • Right location! - an potential audience must be present where I offer these events - Being in the right place to propose these events is crucial!

This last one might be realigned in the coming few months

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