Monday, September 29, 2008

what happened in the last year - Here are some results!

In terms of sales and coaching sign ups, things are steady.

This is not where the major shift happened!

The major shift has to do with videos and impact of my coaching.

The average number of people touched every day by what I offer went from around 2000/day to 5000/day through the videos (especially Youtube)

This means that over a year close to 2 million people are exposed to my coaching which is really excellent!

In the last few months I slowed down the posting of vids simply to reorient my strategy.

As mentioned in a previous post, the new direction could be going live.

Another key development in that year associated with these vids posting is the fact that I have now the skill to simply talk live with no script on about any of these topics.

The progress has been from writing to audio to video and the natural next step would be live.

It could be! It makes sense!

The communication style I developped on video over the last year really works!

yes! it could be better! yes! It can improve! yes, the settings can change!

But overall I am happy about it at 80%

I am thrilled by the power boost messages contained in them.

This is real solid content with solid life strategies that give a battle plan to so many people looking for solutions!

Yes! It works!

Thank you and looking forward to the next steps!

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