Wednesday, March 4, 2009

added social networking links to all dating for women pages - TEST

As a big fraction of my free content is dating for women, I added links to the 8 major social networking connection people can connect me with.

I will wait for a few days and check how many new "friebd" requests or youtube new subscriptions I get.

These pages might be visited anywhere between 200 and 1000 times/day

If the conversion rate is average, I could get 1-5 new friends or subscriptions requests.

If the conversion rate is pretty high, it could be higher...

Is it worth maintaining these links on those pages?

It's traffic out of the site + loads the naviagtion but could increase my networking power online...

Test! To be followed.

With less than 5 signups or friend requests/day, it might be too invading to keep on site...

Yes? No? to be checked further....


Only one indication of possible conversion rates comes from youtube.

For 2000 video views, 5 subscriptions. that 0.25% subscription conversion rate/video view

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