Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adwords conversions - for january to march 2009

the conversions coming from adwords and yahoo ads have now dropped to 0% to 3% of total sales

It's possible that there are more sales coming from these sources and that the conversion tracking simply does not work properly

This is very little though!

These results are very poor compared to what it used to be.

for the breakupformen page, traffic coming from advertising (both google and yahoo) represents around 20 to 30 visits/day

That's a vague estimation.

in january 2009, campaigns were almost totally paused as conversions did not show up - Total ebook sales for that month 52

february 2009 reactivated the campaigns with for instance 2.5 euros/day on adwords - total sales 72

march 2009 still running with same budget on campaigns but again, sales at around 55 in 29 days.

For a couple of months, I made many manual checks of referring URL's when a sale was coming through.

For Feb, out of 23 sales manually checked, not a single was coming from adwords or yahoo.

here are the results:
  • organic - main page - 2 sales
  • organic seo pages - 5 sales
  • direct traffic to main page - 14 sales
  • youtube - 2 sales

These are for all products and represent only a fraction of the sales, only the ones I actually took time to check.

For march 2009, the same type of trend can be seen so far.

Now, the 14 sales coming from direct traffic could be bookmarked URL's or people entering either the website or the direct URL.

This traffic could coming from all sorts of sources including:

  • Referrals
  • Youtube
  • Bookmarked URL
  • Adwords and Yahoo PPC traffic not recorded by the conversion system ???
  • Other???

This last question is essential!!!

because that's where a huge part of sales come from but the source of those sales is not known for sure.

this is a the key question: where does that direct traffic come from originally?

What is the true original source?

How did these people find me in the first place?

Where do these conversions come from?

It's essential to find out because right now, that's what is working best! with around 50% of conversions

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