Sunday, March 29, 2009

adwords - sales projections

over the last few years, the campaigns which are now active were converting at aroun 1% average. break up was going even higher reaching clsoe to 2% for some periods.
  • At 50 euros/month spending and 10 cents CPC that's 500 clicks/month or 5 sales
  • at 200 euros/month that's 2000 clicks or 20 sales

These are simple projections which can reflect and maybe more investment could lead to more sales.

At 200/month (in euros) and 20 sales with price/product at around 12 euros (after deduction of various fees) hardly any profit is left.

It's around 100% ROI with no profit.

Best way to test? try increasing or dropping adwords spending.

+ Find out where this direct traffic comes from and invest in that!

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