Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pages that work! - Why?

Dating for women - SEO pages - extra2

  • time on page 0:55 sec
  • bounce 47%
  • exit 49%
  • 37% repeated page view

These pages perform well - there is follow through

Yes, maybe the results can still be improved


Break up for men - SEO pages - extra 4

  • time on page 3:20
  • bounce 93%
  • exit 91%
  • 3% repeated page views

Time on page is excellent! compared with the other satellite sites where time on page average is often only a few seconds!

Why is there such a big difference?

The pages are EXACTLY the same except that the domain name is different, not

Does this kill the credibilty instantly?

Does it mean removing logo and branding on satellite sites and designing a whole new type of pages? Content oriented rather than sales oriented?

Anything else can explain these results? There is ABSOLUTELY nothing else different between the extra4 SEO pages and the satellite site pages and still the difference between the two is like black and white!!!

Huge difference of perception and credibility!


Cheating for men - sales page - This page is basically just one sales video

  • Time on page 1:42
  • bounce 92%
  • exit 64%
  • 10% repeated page views

This page performs ok as well...


dating for men - main sales page

  • Time on page 3:51
  • bounce 88%
  • exit 71%
  • 13% repeated page views

This one performs along the same line as break ups and cheating


Jealousy for men - main sales page

  • Time 3:19
  • bounce 79%
  • exit 56%
  • 13% repeated page views


Wake up your power - area pages

  • Time 1:41
  • bounce 60%
  • exit 20%
  • 41% repeated page views

this one scores very close to the dating for women SEO pages! - Logical! they have the same structure with free content links to videos + audios and lots of interesting content

Good performance!


Wake up your power - video pages

  • Time 4:40
  • bounce 42%
  • exit 25%
  • repeat 17% - normal - these are single video pages

The big one here is 4:40 on the page!

This is excellent! considering that the average video is 5 min - this means that actually people stay on the page to watch the whole video!

It means that these pages REALLY work and do what they are supposed to!


Dating success - For women - area

  • time 1:16
  • bounce 35%
  • exit 12%
  • repeat 42%

same results as wake up your power area - again free content with rich video + audio content


Dating success - For women - videos

  • time 3:18
  • bounce 55%
  • exit 20%
  • repeat 12%

Again, VERY similar to wake up your power videos


Break up for men - area

  • time 2:03
  • bounce 46%
  • exit 23%
  • repeat 66%

Of course the repeat is higher because visitors did pay to access that product and it's extra targeted, so they come back to check it again

Tiem slightly longer because the page used to be complex, so they come to check it again frequently


Blog - break up - for men

  • time 1:16
  • bounce 69%
  • exit 23%
  • repeat 13%

This one works ok as well - 1:16 time on page is not too bad and exit rates are pretty low - it means that those who access the page want to keep on checking the site further


E-books (one main page)

  • time on page 0:31
  • bounce 20%
  • exit 9%
  • 50% repeated page views


  • time on page 0:39
  • bounce 67% (of course, no navigation on top unlike the e-books page)
  • exit 13% (people don't live the site, they simply go back)


  • time on page 0:25
  • bounce 100%
  • exit 5%

The main gate way pages like

  • relationships
  • business
  • body
  • etc

get an ok. little bounce + little exit + average 0:30 on page

the challenge with those is the very small amount of visits.

They simply get very little traffic - maybe 50% returning visits

Even though these



  • driving traffic to gateway pages is challenging

even though these pages are linked from major navigation areas, they are not what people access first or look for on the site!

  • Main product pages perform well

Of course it can still be imrpoved but they do work really well - in other terms, it is much better to drive traffic to targeted pages like tehse ones rather than general "e-book" or "dating" pages.

yes, they need to be there as gateways but both from a SEO perspective + traffic building within the site, they are challenging to make succeed.

people don't care about the format as long as this format works! The price of course must be within the range of what they have in mind...

what really matters is that they recognize in the link a solution to the challeng they face...

Again, be very specific! and direct visitors to pages that give them what they look for --> a targeted solution to a challenge they face.


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