Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Satellite sites results

Satellite sites have a VERY poor track record in terms of time on page, bouncing, etc.

All these sites have an average time on page of a few seconds where as the SEO pages on which are EXACTLY the same content score really well!

Some ideas:

Break up for men - SEO pages - extra 4

  • time on page 3:20
  • bounce 93%
  • exit 91%
  • 3% repeated page views

Time on page is excellent! compared with the other satellite sites where time on page average is often only a few seconds!

Why is there such a big difference?

The pages are EXACTLY the same except that the domain name is different, not

Does this kill the credibilty instantly?

Does it mean removing logo and branding on satellite sites and designing a whole new type of pages? Content oriented rather than sales oriented?

Anything else can explain these results? There is ABSOLUTELY nothing else different between the extra4 SEO pages and the satellite site pages and still the difference between the two is like black and white!!!

Huge difference of perception and credibility!

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