Wednesday, March 4, 2009

video content - how to present it?

4 options
  • List of links to specific videos
  • a few videos on the page - play on the spot
  • player
  • video wall
  • mix between all of these

Right now, the option taken is usually list of links to specific videos used in:

  • wake up your power
  • dating for women
  • etc

Or... Mix between videos on page + links

  • dating for women SEO pages
  • etc

a few videos on the page? that option has a vid limit of 4-6... more than that? the potential for jaming up the upload of the page is too high with synchronized upload of a few players at the same time... Not recommended

not experimentd yet with either players or walls.

Players are an attractive option.

How well do they perform compared with a clear video list?

Do visitors come back more to the page?

Conclusion: player? turn on or turn off???

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