Sunday, March 29, 2009

video player on etry page instead of links list

I tested now having a video player (youtube format with 8 vids on the side + big window + links on the left)

Average time on the page at 40 seconds has doubled but still shows that people don't stay and watch all the vids on average. They in fact don't even complete one video.

In comparison, the video pages on dating success for women score an average of around 2 minutes (I think - not sure the exact value)

Other results:
  • bounce: without player: around 30% - with player: around 50%
  • average time on page: without player: around 30sec - with player: around 40sec
  • %exit : without player: around 35% - with player: around 45%

These numbers show that even though the player is taking all the place and attention, it does not perform well.

I think that the key reason is that it gives the visitor a lower sense of control over what he wants to watch.

There is simply no choice + It is not clear what is on the video (no title on that player) + The titles on the small video windows on the site are cut which makes difficult to see what they are about.

In other terms, the player does rob the visitor from a sens of control and ownership over what they watch.


The performance of a clear set of links is much higher than having a forced video player overpowering the page's space.

Player against list of links? list of links wins!!!

This shows something very clear:

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