Sunday, March 8, 2009

Video player or one video + links?

Right now, I have two different design directions or options I am testing.

  • the frist one is to stick to what i did before: list of links on the pages + a few videos on the side bar + list of e-books on the side bar, etc.
  • The second design is a big video player in the center with some navigation and links on the left side bar.

Which one to adopt long term?

what works best with visitors?

I first design is already present in so many pages and i know it works because I see the bounces + Times on the page. People stay and come back to a certain extent. I described in detail the traffic stats for these pages in another post

The second design is being testet on a couple of pages:

  • Mind - not enough traffic to see clear stats
  • Sanskrit - lots of traffic on that one - could check straight time on page, etc after a couple days testing

So far, nothing significant can be seen

Both directions are open...

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