Sunday, March 29, 2009

Youtube subscribing trends - Oct 2008 to Mar 2009

  • Oct - 169 subs - 5.6/day
  • Nov - 164 - 5.5/day
  • dec - 137 - 4.5/day
  • jan - 145 - 4.8/day
  • feb - 159 - 5.3/day
  • mar - 164 - 5.5/day

from oct 2008 to mid january, no new vides were posted and still the number of subscribers kept going up.

Jan to mar - a few videos posted/week still the number fo new subscribers stayed steady.

But, with new vids, unsubscriptions happen, which means that new vids brings a proportional descrease subscriber when you compare with not posting.

On the other hand hand, not posting means as well that less vids and no new material will be seen so of course, it is posting new vids that is important.

"Passive" subscribers that watch nothing from you for months mean a potential which is not used.

Now, the real big realization is that the number of new subscriptions stays the same weather you post of not.

The number of subscriptions is rather linked with the number of video views overall rather than the number of new vids.

Logical, of course!

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