Thursday, April 9, 2009

1 "Access everything" one time payment membership or multiple products? - MEMBERSHIP SITE

That's the question I need an answer for.

Here is the idea:

For me this membership would be super appealing!

It feels refreshing!

Visitors make one buying decision and this is IT!

They are left alone!

there is now wrestling with more offers.

yes! They can buy extra coaching one on one after that if they want to but this is not being pushed on anyone.

The coaching space, the website is a sfae environment with loads of features and quality content!

So, it works!

It would work for me.

The common theme is Life mastery!

I like a one time package for many reasons:
  • It simplifies the delivery of the product
  • It makes life much easier and simpler for members!
  • It's a one time buying decision and this is it!
  • It clears up the space in the site
  • It simplifies the affiliate system with just one price and one product

Now, these advantages concern the members, the affiliates and me

The only elements that matter at the end is what members get from this product.

So, is it a product i would buy myself?

Yes! Absolutely!

The quality of the strategies offered is extremely high and super targeted!

yes! The content is expanding and yes! At this stage, what is available represents only a small fraction of what could be ther in the future!

Maybe 10%

Yes! Absolutely.

Dozens more e-books and articles can be written!

There is no limit to it.

Considering that, yes! Absolutely! It is a package which is in fact worth much more, right?

If you sum up the individual products, what is the final price?

Let's check!

Right now: there are around 44 individual programs and packages.

Soem of them are worth much more than $19 like the break up for men system but they sell for $19 now, so let's see:

That's $836 if one would buy all products separately!

So, that's one more selling element.

Is this enough?

Are prospects convinced by that?

What else can you ad to the package to make it a hit for visitors?

What could make conversions rates sky rocket?

As said earlier:

  • need for coherence and consistency - 1 product! - all sales pages - 95% of the content included!
  • Use a tag line like: 2089 unique raw strategies to solve 95% of your top life challenges
  • 40 life mastery programs! $836 value when products sold separately

Now, that's getting exciting!

There is more clear demonstration given in the membership page!

More selling elements:


Yes or no?

  • Clear descriptions of features e-books, videos and audio formats + forums + news + downloads + burning CDs + Ipods - etc.


Yes or no?

  • Instant test drive - Video guided tour (need to check that one)


Yes or no?

  • A list of the top programs included - yes list them clearly + show the icons + More info link...

Need to make sure this does not overload the page too much


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