Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1 choice or 2 choices? - MEMBERSHIP SITE

Another essential one that follows up on the pricing discussion!

Choices are stressful!

They create tension and can generate as well purchase abandonnement.

Right now, customers are confronted with two choices:
  • 1 product $49
  • access everything $79

Is this a turn on or a turn off?

Would just one choice work better?

Does it even matter when you check the income coming from sales?

The idea is that when customers reach the signup page, they already made at least half a buying decision.

Confronting them with having to make another choice right there can delay action + stimulate procrastination.

they might leave the page and even forget to come back.

Frequently, having just one choice is much easier.

Suppose you go to a supermarket:

You have one yoghurt brand and this is it. It is organic + contains everything you want + is rightly priced.

Or you have dozens of brands and can spend precious time hesitating.

What option do you prefer?

What option do customers REALLY prefer?

On a signup page, do you want 2 option or do you want me to make that choice for you and give you only one product?

At this stage, I don't have the answer.

Both are open

Both have pros and cons

Again, doing 1 month of testing should give me the answer or maybe a buying experience survey could be the answer too.

The thing is that I am convinced that this has been tested already and I am sure that there is an IDEAL way for me to do this.


Having to quit the sign up page to look for more info...

By the way, even though this "access everything" package is pretty intuitive, the customer might still miss info and not be ready for that purchase when they access the signup page - If they like this package, they will have to start surfing again and delay purchase)


More than 2 options...

Of course, the possibilty of more than 2 choices like coaching packages or more packages is an option as well - it makes of course the decision making even more complex!


I'll reserch this further and come back to post something on this soon...

To be followed...

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