Friday, April 10, 2009

1 product or multiple offers? - MEMBERSHIP SITE

Again, one core question that needs an effective answer ahs to do with how many prodcys are offered.

Here is the questions:

  • Do I offer only one product, that is vital membership

or do I

  • Offer the possibility to buy small chunks of it like the break up for men - program

What is the final answer to that?

Obviously, till now, I maintained the possibility of buying most products separately, although in the last 3 months I started delivering a lot of single e-books only through the membership... To see what happens.

So, far the results are not clear and it has to do with a few things:#

  • First these individual e-books get little traffic and exposure
  • Second the vital membership is not yet coherent: lots of free acces + other products still sold separately.

So, visitors are confronted with still some conflicting interests between buying one product of buying the full membership.

At the stage, the vital membership is not yet coherent enough as an offer to make a significant impact.

It does work but it could work much better.

So what are the advantages of promoting the vital membership rather than individual products?

  • It is a one time buying decision and this is it
  • It is the same offer over and over again - Always
  • The package delivers incredible value! - Much more than if the prospect was buying individual products

This measn that it creates a funel of traffic and interest that ends up ALWAYS in the same place.

in other terms, it strengthen the offer and brings all these small targeted streams of traffic to one final destination.

This by itself has the power to create enough momentum to break through. That's the idea!

On my side I already discussed why one offer is much easier, convenient and exciting to manage.

So, I won't go into it again...

This point is one essential element that contradicts most marketing ideas out there.

I have seen a couple of sites in the past implementing this concept but the target was a bit narrower... Or was it?


So, if you had the choice now between buying individual products or the membership what would you feel most excited about?

The membership!

Why is that?

Because there si more energy behind it.

I am not given just access to a small room in the building! I am given given the keys to everything at once with total trust and confidence!

It opens space inside of me!


You see, one of the challenges that we face nowadays have to do with making choices, and taking decisions!

there is so much out there! It is really mind buggling!

So, this is one choice you make once and you are done with it.

Instead of buying a pair of jeans and being afraid of making the wrong choice, I am given the keys to the factory and am allowed to come back, change it or even get a new one if I want to.

On top of that, new models are added all the time and I can even get the old model to be fixed or exchanged.

Insteda of getting one piece, I really enjoy getting access to everything, without limitation or conditions and be free to do what i want with it!

Now, suddenly, it makes total sense!!!

Ok! Another big idea that I need to be able to somehow transmit further...


So, How do you do that?

First, you get it CLEAR in your mind!

Very clear!

You can't convince anyone if your mind is still divided and you have doubts about your offer

That's step one

Step 2

Communicate this key idea and start educating your audience.

People are used to buy stuff by the piece.

One by one.

If they get a whole package of things, they often believe there is a catch!

There isn't of course!

But that's something you need to say.

Step 3 - describe the features in detail and show how easy and convenient it is to use this product!

step 4 - Show how unsolved needs can be met as well - Requests for new e-books, videos or programs will be listened and answered!


Is this convincing enough?

Well, I know that once people start using it, they will love it!

Especially if the content is taken even one step further to the next level

More to come on that one.... We are not yet done with this discussion

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