Saturday, April 4, 2009

amember as membership management tool - yes it works

Yes! it works but is it needed right now?

Is the present system I use now a limitation?

I get less than a couple of requests a month for any sort of problem with the site.

It means that the system I have in place now works at 80%

It is not perfect but is good enough and does the job.

amember is a slightly cleaner and more powerful method and would replace exacly the:
  • Delivery process
  • Login process
  • Give customers a greater sense of ownership of what they can access
  • Allow them to purchase other aspects of the site

So, basically this is what it does well!!!

It does not create a community, it simply manages members.

It is a selling tool but is not an extra selling unique selling proposition.

People don't care about that specific tool, they care about the product and the fact that they can access it easily.

The method does not matter as long as it works and is convenient.

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