Saturday, April 4, 2009

amember - initial conclusions - does it help with selling on the site?

After initial tests, it is not a strong selling element.

basically, the pages that already exist and work great are fine

break up for men, jealousy, etc.

These pages are fine

When transfering to a new sales format with amember integrated, the system shifts to a different set of buying steps.

At this stage, the format I use now, works.

Would the new amember selling format work better?

Maybe yes, maybe not.

It is hard to tell without a few months testing.

Yes, on the long term, amember could make the site more profitable but this is not the main reason to implement.

Amember is simply a delivery of the content.

It is a way of accessing the content.

It is slightly more convenient than the system I use now and offers a few features like possibility to email all members, chnage passwords, etc.

So, possible increase in sales, yes but not necessarily.

sales could go both ways: up and down.

the true elements that limit or increase sales are:
  • Traffic
  • Quality of the product + need + audience targeting
  • Sales page

These are the factors that tell how much a product will sell


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