Friday, April 10, 2009

Buy the vital membership or offer something else first? - MEMBERSHIP SITES

That a big one!

A huge one!

And it can be the difference between total succes or total failure.

Within the $19, price range my strategy in the past has been to promote my products directly.

yes, frequnetly there is a test drive on the page but it is clear that the call for action is buy it now.

It worked.

Now, with the vital membership, do I need to change that strategy or stick to it?

The answer is simple: stick to it!

You already offer A LOT in your promotional materials, videos, which are out there.

So many of those who access your site already know you and they are actually ready to buy.

They already trust you.

They already know that what you offer is valuable.

It is obvious!

Delaying action is like asking them to hesitate a bit more.

It is actually one more hurddle and side track that takes away the focus from the offer.

It is not needed!

here is the deal:

when people access a page, they already know if it is a product they would buy or not.

The price range is one of the first things they look at!

"Would i pay that kind of money to solve that specific life challenge or get that product?"

that's the question they ask themselves.

Most of them already know the answer and you could spend lots of time and energy trying to eductae an audience that does NOT want to be educated anyway.

They made up their minds before they started surfing the net and they already know the answer to that question before they even enter the site.

When you do all this promotional work, like getting someone's email address, following up with emails, etc, you do the work for them and it is LOTS of convincing.

This sales process energy should be spent on something else: creating new materials and adding value to the product.

Yes! That's where you want to put your energy!

Most visitors already know instinctually if they are going to buy from you or not.

They know that before they enter your site.

If what you say on the sales page does not convince them this is it! let them go and don't worry about missed opportunities.

They are NOT missed opportunities. It is simply a missmatch.

You don't have to do anything about it except drop it!

Got that?

So, the answer is: NO!

A big one!

Don't offer anything else except the product!

There will already be a sales page, detailed features + content, guided video tour, etc.

You did your part! Let them do theirs.

Now is their turn to take action! Really!

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