Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Design elements - Page optimization - PAGE IMPACT

here is what we just discovered so far in terms of design:
  • Targeted content must be CENTRAL not on side bar
  • The easiest way to present this content is with a set of links + labels indicating the type of content
  • Limit distractions!
  • Navigation is there as a support, not as the major guide for visitors to find the targeted content
  • All the information needed must be in the anchor text available in one glimpse!
  • Visitors can be totally blind to Navigation + side bar videos + icons and totally miss key information if it is linked in these areas
  • Distracting visitors with information that is not directly relevant to their querry will turn them off!


Once it is written down, it is pretty obvious, right?

It is instinctual and this is how we function when we navigate the web searching for targeted answers.

The next question is:

How to implement that information

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