Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Did they REALLY leave because they did not find what they were looking for? - PAGE IMPACT

Well, let's test that theory again and see what happens:



Sales pages


Querry not answered

On these querries which all bounce back within seconds, visitors access a page which is close in topic to what they were looking for but not exactly. For instance:


Page mistakes

  • how to get a man to notice you - 100% but the actual essential video is on the side bar - the visitor probably missed it + there are a couple mistakes on the page + what is in the center of the page does NOT actually hit the chord and is too vague + It directs to forum post which can a while to get through


So, here are the conclusions again:

  • 30% left the site because the specific querry they had was not answered
  • 30% left because they landed on a sales page and they did not want to buy + (of those 30% 15% + not answering the querry they had on top of that)
  • 20% left because of design elements that stopped them from finding the info that was right there
  • 20% found what they were looking for.

So, overeall:

  • 50% will leave the site because the page does NOT answer their querry!

design elements can be an issue but the major deal breaker is simply traffic that does not hit the target.

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