Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do people NEED what you have to offer? - MARKETING

Do people NEED what you have to offer?

That's the REAL question.

Obviously, they do!

Yes! They do buy!

At this stage, 95% of visitors have not been submitted to the vital membership product, so no way of knowing if they would have bought it.

What is clear is that without overly promoting it and with a membership page being visited only 50 times/month, 1 or even 2 sales already gives us a relatively high conversion rate.

Of course, sales are coming from lots of other pages but overall, these pages are not geared in a promotional way which is too clear + The membership is a bit "incoherent at this stage because lots of content is still accessible for free + Lots of products are sold separately!

So... What would happen if the vital membership was the only product + the only way to access 95% of what is offered on the site?

That's the question I need an answer for in the coming few days!

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