Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Key questions: Packaging + Pricing - MEMBERSHIP SITE

Some essential updates on that one:

Right now, most of the technicalities are dealt with and the memberships system is now up and running.

Here are some of the first results:

The package I decided to go for are
  • $49 for break up for men, jealousy for men, dating for men (the other programs stay at $19)
  • $79 access everything as a second option.


  • One payment option is preselected on sales page
  • The first $49 option is preselected and customers can shift to second $79 option if they want
  • A few lines of description for each products (no sales pitch here - a simple reminder of the features)
  • Customers select their own login and password


So far, with this pricing, income from sales coming in is EXCATLY what it was before the price increase.

It means that right now the income from sales is the same! No increase! No decrease!

Number of sales is down by around 50% but because the price is higher, decrease in sales is compensated by price increase.


More on pricing strategies in the next post...

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