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Narrow the market? - Narrow my target audience? - MEMBERSHIP SITE

Ok, I'll admit it!

I have a dilemma!

Here it goes!

It is easier to promote my services as a "Break up coach" than as a life coach in general.

That's what everyone says and I agree to a certain point.

With a membership or a product it is EXACTLY the same thing.

The products that work the best on the site are products which are EXTREMELY targeted and answer key questions and offer key strategies for a VERY specific audience.

These are products like "Break up - For men" Or "Jealousy - For men"

So, the dilemma is very simple: contains A LOT of material.

As I said earlier, it covers so many life areas in more than 44 programs and packages... And there is more to come.

So, yes... I admit that's a dilemma.

Selling an "Access everything" package goes against most of what the marketing world tells me to do.

Well... Let me tell you about a test I did run.

I thought... Fine!

If that's the case, let's create a site which is oriented uniquely to one topic.

In fact, I did create a dozen new sites geared towards jealousy, breakups, for men and for women.

Here are the results after a couple years...

Haven't been working full time on them of course... Simply launched them - Took promotional steps - Got traffic - Waited

Here is what happens:

two identical pages:

the first one is

the second page is:

These two pages are identical at 99%

The main difference is the domian name + everything that surrounds the page on the site...

Basically, on, there are thousands of pages of content and material

On the rest of the site are SEO pages...

In theory, should perform better because it is much clearer and targeted, right?

Well... Guess what!

If I measure interest for that page by the average time spent on the page, outperforms malejealousy by far!!!

In fact here are the exact results:
  • - average time on page - A few seconds!!! - 95% of visitors bounce back almost instantly! - They see the page and leave! - Why? because they see a sales page and know the content is not for free
  • - average time on the page - 3 min - The page is almost identical but people stay! Check! and buy! from the site.


I guess it has to do with branding and credibility.

The rest of the content actually supports the jealousy material.

Overall, it gives credibility to the site.

If I was spending the same amount of time on malejealousy as I do with vitalcoaching, maybe I would get the same results.

It is true that's brand did mature over 6 years of existence because of the continuous input and care that went into it!


Would I get the same results with malejealousy if I had done the same?

My guess is that yes... probably!

Why? because there is nothing else on the market that responds to that need (jealousy for men).

If there is, I did not find it!

But... is COMPLETE! + it is limitless in terms of potential growth and directions.

It's like the difference between a shop and a mall - malejealousy would be a shop - vitalcoaching a mall.

or the difference between a temple and a spiritual region with dozens of temples and ashrams... That's another image for the spiritual content on the site.

So... Now, when visitors arrive on, they not only catch the vibes of the target product they want to benefit from, they are flooded as well by the positive energy emanating from the other products and topics.

For instance, a guy in a break up zone will benefit from new communication skills with a new girlfriend and might tap into a refreshing meditation technique or discover a new nutrition strategy.

That's a WHOLISTIC approach!

And... For anyone, it is more interesting to have EVERYTHING in one place rather than having to shop around to find more strategies on these other topics.

The reason why expanded to all these topics is simple: MY AUDIENCE ASKED FOR IT!

the guys I coach in break up situations ask me for nutrition strategies... They ask about fitness, business, personal power.

They don't actually ask me to refer them to someone else.

They actually ASK me to cover these topics in the coaching sessions we have.

And guess what! It works!

Yes! It does! Absolutely!

I challenged myself to have an edge on all these different areas because there was a need.

On top of that, all these strategies are tactics I employ myself all the time.

The common denominator to all that is Personal power, energy, life mastery!

All these different topics are intertwined and related to each other in the sense that they are based on the same common ideas which are:

  • You are the master of your destiny
  • The goal of your existence is life mastery
  • Energy and personal power are skills you can build
  • Etc.

These ideas work no matter what field or target you apply them to!

This is why,'s target does not make sense to the traditional marketing model but it DOES respond to a need which is out there:

Make everyone's life easier!!!

If you have a problem with your car, do you actually enjoy having to go to one shop for new tires, then bring your car to someone else to fix the engine and then find another dealer who will fix a scratch on the paint?

Or would it be more convenient to drop your car somewhere and have all these things taken care for at once.

same with health for intance:

would you rather hop from specialist to specialist and find out who can help you with a given muscle or joint ache or would it be simply more convenient to access all the help you need in ONE PLACE?

Imagine how much burden this takes away from you!!!

right now, there is SO MUCH stress related with having to find the exact person or service that responds to your needs!

It's super time consuming and very often people will miss the target because they don't get the essential information they are looking for!

The process is time consuming + stressful!


This is exactly why vitalcoaching responds to a real need.

(Whaou... Can't believe I have been waiting for such a long time to say these things!)

That's called a holistic approach!

We don't separate things! We target the most urgent.

Imagine that a client comes to me at a session and says...

"I know... we were supposed to talk about break up strategies but I have this massive problem with one of my staff at work. There is so much misscomunication..."

What do you think would help that person best?

  • Solution 1: "Look, I would like to help you with that but it's out of my range - I can refer you to a business consulting firm that does that kind of work - They will be happy to help you - How much they charge? well... I think their fees start at $200/hour and you need to make first an appointment to see if they are ready to work with you - Here is their number - Call them and see what they can do for you.

That was solution 1

  • Solution 2: "Sure, let's talk about that first - It's obviosuly your top priority - I am sure that by the end of this session, within 30 min, we will have a set of communication tactics that will get your message through when you communicate with that person.

That was solution 2

Which one do your prefer?

I know what you think: Yes, but do the tactics that you deliver match the experience of a consulting firm?

Well, they not only match! They are actually much easier to access + they are super targeted!!!

It's a hassle-free, stress-free process to access these strategies.

Yes! That's exactly how things work within a coaching session!

And yes, that's the type of results we achieve within a session.

In most cases when this happens, I have clients coming back to me the following week.

I say: "So what happened?"

Most of the times, the answer is:

"yeah! I tried that! They got it... Actually, it triggered a couple of things we talked about as well. The space is now much clearer. I still feel some tension there but at least we can now communicate... thanks again"

"Now... about my ex..."

See what happened. We removed an emotional source of stress with a minimum of effort.

Of course this works as long as the coaching or strategies which are delivered are actually effective.

Well, you will have to read the success stories on the site to actually get a feel about that one.

'f course! It works! That's what I am trained to do!

Strategies building! Challenge solving! Power boosting!

The dynamics of effective communication with a romantic partner have quite a few things in common with communication within a business context for instance.


Human interaction is created through the same type of dynamics always.

It is simply transferred within a different context and with a different set of intentions or energy input.

Any limits in that approach?

yes of course, at this stage, vitalcoaching does not cover a few areas:

  • Legal advice
  • Medical issues but we do cover wellness
  • Financial planning, accounting, etc
  • Mental health but we do cover emotional balance which often overlaps with depression or burn out for instance

I might have skipped another couple of topics... Not sure...

What happens if someone needs help in those areas?

I will openly say that I don't have the expertise to cover that... They often have already an idea of where to find the help they need on that. If not, I redirect them to online portals or directories where they can find extra resources on who can help them.

Yes! I have clear boundaries with that. It is one of my key points in my code of ethics


Ok, let's come back to the membership...

Now that we demonstrated that this overseeing approach works within coaching sessions, let's demonstrate why it works as well with the vital membership...

Ok! I'll admit it: the vital membership has an infinite potential to grow!

Absolutely! Right now, what is included could represent only 5% of what could be included in the near future.

What already exists is super precious and valuable but yes! Ther can be so much more!!!

Why isn't it there yet?

because it simply takes time to create.

Or it takes time + a clear plan to partner with the right persons to create new life tactics

Dozens of title for possible ebooks or videos or audios are there already.

So... The life tactics are not complete! By far!

there is much more to come, but! I can guarantee that for the $79 that the life time membership costs, there is REALLY more value than what it costs.

Yes! The real value of this product is probably closer to a thousand $ because it is a life mastery academy.

It is a complete system (or getting there...) that covers eventually most of the life challenges you can have as a human being and delivers a strategy, a line of action, a mind posture that solves that challenge!

Yes! that's the idea and this is exactly what happens!

whaou, actually, I am making a whole case for this product...

Now, that I demonstrated the process a bit more clearly, all that is actually needed is to transmit that perception to my audience and to those who visit the membership page.

In the last 30 min, I just discovered something I was not aware of actually!

It is the actual avlue of and what it really does to those who get in touch with it.

Yes! I realize it is powerful stuff...

I know I start sounding like I am bragging a bit... Sorry ;)

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