Saturday, April 11, 2009


What I have been doing in the past is offering lots of free content.

I did that through so many channles and ways and porbably 95% of those who access my material and use never pay a cent or sign up for coaching.

All this good and coherent with a "good will" approach.

It's energy and does work.

It's coherent with so many values I have and it works.

So, the idea to shift that approach and start limiting access to members only to parts of the site which were free before is a new possible step.

The question though is:

It needs to match with the ling term purpose of the site and my activity online.

There is no real point in shifting that back and forth, setting up the membership again to remove it a few weeks later because the response does not match the expectations.

In the previous tests, there was no significant income increase!

Traffic dynamics stayed the same.

What changed was an energy shift in me and in the site's intention.

Before restricting access "felt better" than before.

Why? because for the same earnings on my side, the first option is giving away a lot!

The second option is more restrictive and puts blockages and boundaries where there was free flow previously.

Within the commercial world almost everything works like that!

You get nothing unless you pay.

Within my activity, the dynamics have been slightly different and I have been giving away a lot for free.

So here is the dilemma I face

Limiting access to members only or not?

This decision would concern 3 core programs on the site and if implement would make the membership coherent.

Right now, it's not - there is lack of consistency in the implementation of that membership.

That's the next big question I need an answer for!

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