Friday, April 3, 2009

sales page strategies - jealousy for men tests - amember tests


This one is a big one and I will simply write down what coems to brain storm a bit.

The sales pages that have been working for me so far are those which contain lots of information.

The break up for men is like 10 pages long with success stories, features, videos, etc.

The jealousy for men is shorter but works in the same way.

Now I look for an instant conversion, not get someone's email address to follow up.

By doing that, I trust that the vistor recognizes straight away that the product is for him or not.

I trust that if there is interest, he will bookmark and come back.

That has been my approach.

Yes! It was successfull!

These sales pages converted 1-2 % when the traffic is targeted.

Maybe 0.5% when the traffic is less targeted and less ready to buy traffic.

Yes! This strategy worked so far and the question now is:

Can this strategy be improved?

ABSOLUTELY, especially in what concernes the overall tarffic and activity on the site.

In terms of activity, I believe the site is at 20% of its potential. Visitors could be engaged more deeply...


Are calls for action turn ons or turn offs?

I believe they work when they are well positioned and realistic and make sense and are not simply outrageous and exagerated.

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