Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shifted back to $19 price for single products - MEMBERSHIP SITE

Today, after 5 days of testing, I decided to shift back the price to $19 rather than $49.



Massive drop in sales!

The previous increase in price does NOT compensate for the drop in sales.

So, it does not make sense to put a higher price. I already discussed the exact reasons and consequences of a higher price, so I won't dive in this now.

By the way, the previous price increase was implemented with coherence and reflected in the adwords campaigns + SEO pages on the site.

There was one coherent message overall. So, lack of coherence in the offer would not be the issue.

Yes! 50% of more of customers instantly lose interest when they see the price tag.

Simple! The offer + demand must meet!

It's my job to package my services and products in a way the meets the demand.

Will simply test this price change over the next few days and see the results.

To be followed...

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