Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time on page - New visitors response - PAGE IMPACT - SITE DESIGN

Ok, I have to admit...

Something has been a big question in mind almost since I started the site.

Here it goes:

of 100 visitors who access the site, probably 80% leave within seconds.

Sometimes, not even seconds.

In fact, stats show a 0 sec on site.

It means that they leave VERY FAST.

Now, this could of course be a response that many people have on any site.

I never took the time to make an in depth analysis of the this phenomena and I am pretty sure that probably 95% of sites out there face the same dilemma.

I want to know EXACTLY what is going on + if there is anything that can be done to tackle that.

Possible causes:
  • Looking for a VERY specific answer or piece of information - Don't see it straight away - leave
  • Very fast and impatient surfing behavior - 80% of people behave like that no matter what
  • Turned off by design (colors, arrangement, etc)
  • Website not enough professional looking
  • Confusing navigation
  • Too wide topics and not enough targeted to what the visitor is looking for
  • Content and presentation not appealing enough
  • Etc.

Technical possible causes:

  • The stats tracking system does not record properly the visit
  • Visitors use an internet connection which is too slow for the content to load fast enough
  • Etc

All these questions are open and because many design choices are made every month, it is essential to know if something can be done about this.

I will now run some tests with surfing and looking for info and see how I respond to the sites I visit (including mine) - See EXACTLY what happens...

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