Thursday, April 9, 2009

What about a 24 hours free trial? - MEMBERSHIP SITE

Well, that's an option and allows me to taste the product!

That's a great idea which would be my top favorite!

... Except that everything on the site is downloadable (almost...)

So, 24 hours access would actually give the possibility for anyone to access the content, download what they need and never come back!

That's what I think 90% of people would do.

Even the good willing people would go like... "Yeah, right!!! If everyone gets it for free, why would I have to pay for it!"

It's true!

That's how I think it works!

What about a partial membership which gives access to a selected set of articles for instance?

No good either because there is already so much content! In that! That it is still already giving away too much for future sales to be completed.

So, what's the ideal?

Allow access, allow to play with it but NO DOWNLOAD!

Yes! That would work better but technically? How do you do that? How do you implement it?

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