Friday, May 29, 2009

Some limitations with the traditional test drive - Selling strategies - MEMBERSHIP SITE

I am now technically testing the traditional test drive method which would redirecting visitors to sales pages when they click on a link.

Right now, this method is not really working because of the error page which is returned -

So, let's check other options...

here they are:
  • Show all links but only highlight the ones that can be clicked

This measn going through the product and creating a very specific test of test drive pages where evrything is visible but only some highlighted links can be activated.

This is fine but would require duplication + editing of all pages

This option is fine but time consuming because all this test drive content needs to be put in place.

I REALLY like the idea of simplicity

what else can be done

More on trial options - selling strategy - MEMBERSHIP SITE

I am prety sure that this is a key question that can increse or decreases sales by up to 50%.

It has to do with presenting or not presenting the test drive in the right format.

Until now, trial has been just a test drive of the table of contents in the e-book.

because of the amount of content that has been added this test drive no longer reflects what people get.

Yes, I believe that it should be updated.

There are 5 possible options:
  • No test drive
  • 24 hours fully functional test drive
  • 7 days test drive - access to the page - limited access to resources
  • The sales page is the test drive
  • Video test drive - I record a vid on what visitors to the member area will get

All 4 options are possible.

Of these options, I believe that one of them will give the best results.

I have some ideas but no clear enough vision of which test drive solution works best.

I need an answer on that one!

Selling strategy - MEMBERSHIP SITE

Right now, I am exploring other possible selling strategies to see if this could increase conversions and response.

Here are some options:

  • Offer a 24 hours complete trial and charge $19 after thsi test drive period

  • Direct to free 7 days trial - On that trial page, visitors cant download the products but they will get a feeling for the navigation and structure + realize how much there is on this program.

I can only guess how any of these would perform.

But my guesses are just guesses until I try them out! Both!


Anyway, I will try to make an eductaed guess to brainstorm on that.

In my opinion, the first option - Let's call it the 24 hours trial - is a massive turn off because most people have no idea how this cancelling process works.

The moment you have to take out your credit card and pay, it is already a commitment you are making.

The second massive turn off and this is being a bit allarmist and negative is that even people who would have bought the program otherwise have the option to cancel and not pay a cent.

If I was in that position and given the possibility to cancel before payment, I would think "Why pay for this product when dozens of other guys won't pay a cent?"

So many people access the product once - It is that easy to cancel. Why would they not do it? Because they have values? Well it is a jungle out there and people grab what they can for free.

On top of that, the thing is that when you grap your credit card to make a payment, it IS a commitment - paying or not at this stage does not even make a big difference.

Next big turn off is that it triggers MORE hesitation - Should I cancel or not - My guess is that this question stays on people's minds a lot even if it is only for $19

The last BIG question is that it must work technically! The thing has not yet been tested

One more? Nothing stops people from signing up for trials over and over again

That's lots of big "bad points"!!!


Good points?

The only ones are if:

  • More people buy!

  • More interest

  • More people are touched!


The other option which is the more traditional test drive is what people expect:

  • Access

  • Not fully featured

  • Time limit

Problem with that one?

The conversion process when people access a restricted page.

This one is not clear.

Is this trial a turn off? absolutely not.

Do people take trials? of course

Will this convert? Well... Having the possibility to test both delivery and access gives a good feeling for the method.

2 weeks results - BLOGGING SEO

After two weeks, results are still up and traffic IS coming in...

The key question that remains open has to do with selling strategy.


Because right now, even though there is a significant traffic increase, sales associated with this campaign are not really coming in the way they should.

Interestingly, other products are selling better than the one I am promoting right now.

... Which is REALLY weird.

So, what does it mean?
  • That the promotional messages I send are not converting the way they could
  • That I am not connecting with my audience
  • That putting all this energy in promotion is in fact focusing on free content
  • That there is an energy response to too much selling activity
  • That the offer/packaging is not appropriate
  • That there is a delay between the promotional activity and the response from my audience
  • Etc

All these are possibilities.


I need to identify the EXACT limiting factor right now because I am sure that results can be immensely improved!

I admit! I am stacked with that one for a few days and I don't know exactly how to shift what is happening.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Promoted 5 SEO pages - RESULTS - BLOGGING SEO

Some days ago, I promoted these pages a bit - just with 5 posts to all blogs

Results not really showing which is to be expected.

Remember that what gives me the results today is around 200 posts!

5 posts won't make much difference and this is natural and totally expected.

It does give an indication though of the type of effort needed to generate traffic.

It requires a soldi strategy + consistency.

Should I follow up with promoting these SEO pages?

Well, it is actually MUCH better to promote the main sales page - Here is why:
  • 200+ SEO pages take lots of energy and effort to update and maintain
  • They sell much less than the main page because they contain only a fraction of the selling elements
  • They offer less credibility because of their URL
  • Etc.

So, if I have the choice between 20 new posts to promote the main page or promoting the SEO pages, the choice is obvious, right?

I might still run a few tests... We'll see

Digital products or hard copy? - Here is THE answer! - PACKAGING

I just sent a mailing out yesterday to my lists and the response was ovewelming!

50 responses - 90% prefer downloads/instant access

20% suggest that maybe it is an idea to offer both

5% would prefer hard copy

The reasons are:
  • Cheaper
  • No delay
  • Everything available at a click of a mouse
  • Ecofriendly

Of course, I am online and people find me because they tend to be looking for that type of product too - I agree!

If I was asking this quetion in a bookshop, the answer might be VERY different ;)

But... Not even sure.

I had the impression that this would be the response but not to that extent.

+ I got some very solid feed back!

basically, many people are saying:

Your product is EXACTLY the way it is supposed to be!

That's how they like it! Convenient! User friendly! Easy!

No hassle! No hurddle!

What does it tell me?

That the packaging of my products is perfect and that I don't need to change a thing.


Yes, offering a paperpack + Data CD with everything on it could be an option

Traffic doubled on main sales page - Where does traffic really come from? - BLOGGING SEO

Yes! close to doubled now.

Which is great results!

two key sources of traffic come to this page:
  • Clickthroughs from blog posts
  • Direct search engine querries

As the goal IS to get more traffic to this page, it is essential to know how people find the page.

here are the stats:

from 800 direct entry visits over the last 10 days:

  • Search engine search - 400
  • Direct - 160
  • Youtube - 100
  • Referred from satellite blogs - 70
  • Other - 70

Stats are not yet clear enough on that one... I would have to still wait to be able to check this on a longer range

New blog posts design - SEO BLOGGING

to see if this boosts the sales, I now a created a new post "template" which I think is more open, friendly and does give the visitors what they really need... A few options, a power kick.

I posted links to 3 video posts which all have very content.

Run a few tests yesterday - launched a series of 10 posts today

Let's see how it feels over the next couple days and see if anything else can be done to implement more changes if needed.

10 days - 200 targeted blog posts - 24 blogs - RESULTS! - SEO BLOGGING


Now it is really kicking in

Traffic to main sales page has nearly doubled now

Traffic to the main breakup blog has increased immensely - before the campaign, traffic was VERY slow - Now it is a steady flow of visitors.

The overall traffic + pages views is as well up now around 10-20%

So, it is working!

sales are still not really coming in for that specific product which is VERY surprising!

I'll cover that in another post...

By the way, Yes... You see it right:

10 days - 200 targeted blog posts - 24 blogs

This means that close to 5000 blogs posts have been made to generate this traffic surge.

So, a few posts or even a few hundreds won't do! You need something more solid and consistent than that.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sales come in... Simply not on the product I am promoting - BLOGGING SEO

Sales are coming in but not much on the main product I am promoting which is breakup for men.

True, the traffic increase is not significant enough to multiply the numbre of sales and I have frequently seen these calm periods before...

But energy wise, it could be that something is either missing or is not on track and I need to identify exactly what this element is.

Basically, whe you are out ther promoting and are maybe too loud, it can be a turn off, right?

It is like entering a shop and having a sales person running to you, it can really make you feel uncomfortable.

So, while you make active promotion and should get solid results, you can sometimes get the opposite results.

So... I need to know!!!

is there something that I am doing which is overdone or something that I am NOT doing that I should be doing?

This has to do with REALLY connecting with my audience.

yesterday, I made a solid attempt through a couple of trageted articles, but it was apparently not enough to generate a response.

Yes, I felt a strong connection but still no answer...

So, what IS the key here.

I feel like I am missing a key element and have not yet identified it exactly.

I can see many possible things but hae not yet a clear answer...

So, I will simply brainstorm a bit to clear some of these ideas.


I am engaged right now in a marketing and selling activity!

Yes! The posts I am sending online are ads for my products.

They are sophisticated ads but they are still ads!

The call for action IS clear.

Now, I feel I need to "reorient" my selling strategy or attitude and position myself differently.

One possibility would be to ad value differently and ad a simple link at the end with a subtle suggestion or question mark.

But I am not sure how to do this or how to present it.

It could as well be the packaging!

Or simply remove my will power from it.

My audience might feel pressured, directed in a way that does not feel nice and responds with resistance to my input.

Yes!!! That could be it... In a way, that's EXACTLY what I feel is happening.

So, why do they respond that way?

because bothe the ads + the energy I am tuning in now is strong directive and powerful.

And people want to stay in control.

They don't like being forced into buying something even if the product they are directed to buy is the best they could get.

Basically, when pressure is too strong, it kills the trust and the connection with my audience.

They feel like they are not given a choice!

So, there could really be another way:

simply put a series of links to vids, articles or success stories and let everyone decide what they want to do next.

Yes! Let's try that!

More traffic increase! - BLOGGING SEO

Yes, it is working now...

here are 3 numbers to give and idea:
  • 10-20% of entry pages are now related with this blogging campaign (last week, it was more like 5-10%
  • traffic on main breakup blog is up
  • traffic on main sales page is up

By up, I mean a REAL significant increase!

An essential point in the next post...

Monday, May 25, 2009

How are posts performing so far? - BLOGGING SEO

A few factors tell me quire well how the pages are doing compared with other content type on the site:
  • average time on page main break up blog

Before the new BLOGGING SEO campaign, the time was around 30-60 sec - Now, with the new traffic increase, time on page is much higher 2-4 min range which is right online with video content pages and other pages that perform well on the site.

  • Bounce is now at 65% which is exactly the site average
  • % Exit 43% a bit higher than the site average.

Conclusion: page are actually performing relatively well.

Is there anything else that can be done to increase the response, click throughs, sales, etc?

I need an answer on that one

Selling strategy on blog posts - BLOGGING SEO

Now, that traffic starts kicking in a bit it is time to look at the next development stage on the page and find out the abolsute best selling strategy and call for action on the page.

Here are a few options:
  • Click here - directs to the main sales page - present option
  • Offer a set of free articles?
  • Forced opt in?
  • grab this free report?
  • free test drive with loads of value?
  • 1$ test drive?
  • 24 hours test drive full access - shifts to $19 one time after that?
  • what?

Anything is possible, right?

What I decided to do in the past is sell the main product directly.

No complicated marketing scheme.

There is LOTS on the sales page and the product is VERY cheap.

yes! It worked well and was a successful strategy so far.

Now, the question is:

Is it time to shift to another type of call for action which could result in a higher conversion rate, sales, etc?


I have to be VERY cautious with that as in last month when the new membership system was launched, I tried various different formats.

At the end, I did fall back to total simplicity.

One offer, one price, exact same sales letter, the only change was delivery.

Now, during this testing period, I learned a few things:


  • Right affordable price IS essentail

Higher price meant a massive drop in sales - I tested many prices and yes, sales came back as expected as soon as I came back to the original price



Another BIG ONE!

When testing the signup page with various options, more info links, two payment options, enter login, choose password, customers sales were not coming through. I could test that again to confirm but it does make sense.

having multiple offers to choose from IS stressfull.

Making that choice for customers and offering a simple one option is apparentlty the best way to go.

There is much more to say on that but I'll better focus on the next point


The nex point is:

should I opt for another call for action than simply "click here" to go to next page?


Yesterday, I launched the first tests and so far so good - I use a special tool and it is effective so far.

I am not sure what next steps can be with that and definitely need direction with that as there are so many different strategic choices that can be made.

here are some of the key questions associated with Social bookmarking SEO:
  • How frequent posting bookmarks to my site?
  • mix with other sites? How much?
  • What is the best posting period between posts
  • How many accounts? How to create and manage them?
  • Etc.

Definitely want direction on all these questions as anything is possible

Traffic up! - SEO

The stats for yesterday show a nice traffic increase on a few sides:
  • Main breakup blog
  • main sales page
  • oveall visit entry pages through the blogging SEO pages

On this last one, blogging SEO Posts entries represent close to 20% of all entires which is a very good result considering that the site has been active for years.

Within 10 days, entries boost is up 20% and only a fraction of the potential has been used. In fact 5 x more could be done but because i am still testing techniques, I prefer taking small steps, measuring results and engaging further into what REALLY works.

So, I need to observe results.

This increase is not yet showing in sales or overall traffic on the site.

As I said earlier, the last few days have been holiday trend with a natural decrease in traffic + daily variation mean that even a 10-20% increase would not even that perceptible within a "low" holyday weekend.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New posts in main breakup blog - Still showing within minutes in recent results - SEO


That's essential info!

It emans that even though I have bene posting a lot + content is posted on several blogs, posts still appear on top of search results.

This means that the blog IS being indexed.

The drop in traffic probably means that results simply don't receive the initial ranking boost related with the freshness of the post.

The 10 new posts all optimized for specific high traffic keyphrases all rank in the top 3 for the last 24 hours results and around top 10 for the past week results.

On top of that, even though the post has been made to many different blogs, it is still the main breakup blog that gets the ranking for that specific keyword.

I already discussed why that specific blog might be privileged by search engines but might come back to that in another post and try to understand the exact dynamics.

Over a week, many of the different blogs have seen a sudden surge in traffic for 24 hours and then quasy disappear...

Some analysis of why this happens in a future post

one solid week into these tests - More conclusions for today - SEO

today, the downward trend is confirmed.

Traffic to satellite blogs is about 8% of entrance visits for the last 100 visitors. 80% of this comes from one specific blog

overall traffic is still low

sales are low to no change

main sales page - low

we are in the weekend right?

yesterday was saturady and we are overall in a holiyday period with ascencion day + Monday is memorial day in the US.

So, it is NORMAL to have low traffic right now.

There is NO change with the normal natural observed tred for this type of period.

Even though 5-10% of entrances are still through these new blog posts, traffic overall stays basically the same.



It could be that the blogging SEO strategies I have been using could take off after a month of activity, that the search engine juice directed to the main sales page is boosted, that the overall traffic to the site + sales goes up after some time.

However after one week testing, NONE of this is showing.

The results are so minimal or even negative overall that it does make these efforts worthless on this 7 days period.

I have no idea how this trend could evolve on the longer term.

It could go any way.

Again, the options are
  • Keep on doing more of the same and expect different results either on a week period or long term
  • Use the same strategy but perfect it and be more strict with posting of high traffic keyword targeted posts
  • Test social bookmarking SEO strategies
  • Drop it for now and put my energy in another line of action.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Social bookmarking as an extra credibility builder for blog posts? - SEO

Absolutely a possible option.

The key is to find the right tool + automate the process + measure results and see if that specific strategy has an impact or not.

Definitely a possible option...

Today, traffic to satellite blogs is high - SEO

It's higher than that to the main break up blog


it took some days to kick in but shows up now.

These satellite blogs are now getting the same type of traffic as the sattelite sites established already 2 years ago.

The difference between these satellite blogs and the satellite sites which have their own domain name?

Well, satellite blogs take 1 minute to set up

satellite sites take 24 hours but take content, lots of preparation, maintainance, etc!

If traffic to these satellite blogs stays steady, they are definitely a more interesting option than the satellite sites which have been getting only limited amount of traffic since they were set up.

Check and track how traffic on these satellite blogs evolves

to be followed...

5-10% of the traffic on the site

By the way, something I did not mention yet is that when I check overall stats for all sites, these new blog posts of this last week account to 5-10% of the entries into the site.

What is surprising is that this traffic does not show up as an overall increase in traffic.

This is a strange phenomenon that I observed before in various situation and have no explanation for:

A boost in traffic in one area is VERY frequently accompanied by a decrease of traffic in another aspect of the site or traffic to a specific page.

I am not 100% sure if this is true or it is only my imagination but it is something I seem to have observed frequently.

Anyway - 5-10% IS a result - something to remember when taking future steps

Results after 7 days of testing - SEO

Here is what is happening so far...

After a short increase in traffic, especially on the main blog, traffic overall is now almost back to what it was before I started this campaign.

This is with the exception of a few hits on satellite blogs but this is it!

There is a slight increase in traffic to the main sales page but nothing too spectacular at this stage even though it IS visible - around 10%-20% increase overall.

Is this enough to justify an ongoing efforton this campaign... Well... I'll cover this further in a moment and check the possible strategic choices.


What do these results mean?


After a short traffic boost, traffic goes back to normal.

As observed in the past, this type of traffic surge happens when there is sudden activity. It happened with other SEO pages, main product pages, videos, etc.


No visible increase in sales

In this short 7 days period, there is no significant increase in sales.

Again, the real range period should be 30 days to have a real more solid estimation.


No increase in traffic

It looks totally steady - the overall traffic to blogs is the exact same as before - only the main breakup blog has a temporary surge.

The main vitalnews channel shows no change.

The satellite blogs show of course some traffic but it does stay minimal and shows a strong decrease too after these initial few days.


So... 7 days of focus - No increase in traffic + No increase in sales


Long term?

Well... It could absolutely be that the main sales page could have its traffic boosted long term because of the amount of incoming links.

Yes, it is possible that within a month of this type of activity, there could be a strong traffic increase, but that's not proven either.

After 7 days of activity, the traffic boost to the main page is around 10%-20% - This probably means that number of sales would probably increase within the same type of proportion.


Yes, I do believe that follow up on this strategy could lead to increase in traffic to the main sales page, generate buzz, etc.

What is super important though is that after 7 days of activity geared towards boosting traffic to the site, there is effectively ZERO change in the overall traffic and sales.

That's the core element to remember for now.

If there is a change it stays within the 5%-10% traffic range and because of daily variations it is not really perceptible.


One thing... The strategy I used originally with fast high number extremely optimized pages for a given keyphrase did lead to the best results orginally - After that, I have not been as consistent with the strategy because I have been testing other wasy of posting.

I don't know what results would be if I simply focus on a single posting strategy fo for instance 50 highly optimized pages every day.

that's not something I did consistently.

Why? Because after a couple of days, I saw a drop in traffic and thought of shifting my posting strategy.

But yes, I could go back to the original posting idea and follow up on that.


To follow up on this previous point, here is a quick test I just did.

I made a search for a post I made yesterday using the title as the search term.

And there it is - my post is on 3rd position and it is my main breakup blog that gets it!

So, my main breakup blog is still there in the search results!!!


It is not gone.

Let's test this!

Next post... same story! number one! main breakup blog

One more test?

There it is again, this time it is the main vital news blogs that is number one, followed by the sam post on one of the satellite blogs.

Another one of my wordpress blogs is number 3.

So, here is my guess:

My guess is that fresh posts score high for 24 hours and then decrease in the search results.

They don't disapear - They simply don't get that initial boost.

There are many ways to follow up and expand on this.

This is NOT the end of this story and there are literally dozens of avenues that could be explred along that line...


By the way, I instinctively knew when I started this Blogging SEO campaign that the time frame was 30 days.

It's over a 30 days period that results and tests can REALLY be measured.


So, the possible strategic choices for now are:

  • Keep on doing what I have been doing for a week + perfect the strategies, posting, etc and do it at least for 30 days - In other terms follow up


  • Drop it for now


Friday, May 22, 2009

are blog posts short term lived in search engine ranking? - SEO

It could be!

It is now obvious that at least google indexes posts within minutes.

results appear in search engine results within 15 minutes - I checked many times and it is true.

So, in the same way, it is very much possible that google "drops" or "disqualifies" posts within hours or days after being posted.

Blog audiences are usually looking for fresh content, so the idea is to give ahigher score to fresh content and let it drop in ranking results as time goes by.


That's a theory and it could definitely be true!

To check further though...


Another theory is that new posts are initially boosted because they are fresh.

After hours or days, their ranking goes back to normal.

They are still there but less people will find them.


One last theory is that new content is initiatlly boosted to see if the audience picks it up and starts posting and linking to it.

If after a few days, the post is not being "promoted" through linking or internet buzz, then it slowly drops back to normal


What does it mean? It means that there are many valid reasons why a blog post value would initially be boosted before letting it go back to its normal ranking.

In the search engine algorythm, I can imagine that the freshness of the post is a key factor!

makes total sense when you think of it

Duplicated posts - Just realized something... - SEO

Yes! Right now I am posting the same post to many blogs and yes, the posts are identical - this is the same as posting the same article to lots or websites and many more promotional strategis happening out there.

Now, one of the blogs today keeps scoring quite high and that's the only blog that scores differently today.

While all other blogs except a couple do't show up much in the stats.

So, yes... It could very well be that the search engine picks up one post, indexes it and then considers all the other posts as duplicated content.

What about videos for instance?

I post my videos to 15 different sites but many do show up in the results side by side.


Simple... because the actual page + title of the pagewhere the video appears has no similarity with that from another site.

In other terms, it does not trigger duplictaed content.

That could be a key answer and something to follow up.

To follow up absolutely... I need to fully understand how search engines index my posts and identify drop or raize patterns.

Traffic drop on main break up blog? - SEO

That's exactly one of the elements that force to check for potential disqualifiers.

What is interesting is that first lots of traffic is suddenly directed to that blog and then after a few days, this traffic drops.

the posting strategy is still very similar except that yesterday, there were hardly any posts because of other priorities.

First, this traffic drop would need to be confirmed tomorrow once all traffic and stats are processed in the main analytics engines.

Now, if this drop is real, it might mean that there is something in my blog posting activity that does trigger a disqualifier response.

the key is to find EXACTLY what activity triggers that response.

Is it just one type of activity or a combination of elements + what are they?

Does the drop happen precisely BECAUSE I stopped taking the positive steps I had been taking previously?

If it is the case, why do a couple of other blogs get some solid traffic.

This last element could be an indication.

is THIS specific blog the only one who triggers a disqualifying response or do all blogs follow the same trend?

many questions...

This is a VERY solid and essential set of questions.

The exact answer to these questions IS what SEO is really about.

Solutions coming soon...


By the way, these sudden traffic variations have been oserved in the past with many other pages including SEO pages, satellite sites + random pages on the site.

So, it is NOT exceptional... I would even have been suprised if it didn't happen at all


In fact, when i check the stats, I seem to observe a drop in almsot all blogs, not just the main one...

So, this would mean that whatever is causing the drop is probably is an activity or action that was performed on all blogs not just the main one.

To be checked tomorrow once all stats are processed...

Penalization from search engines? - Real or not? - SEO

Once traffic starts growing and then suddenly drops, of course that question I can ask.

Now, is this real????

There is no penalization.

Seearch engines simply a=index the pages and rank them according to their algorythm.

This algorythm embeds a set of qualities required to score high and might score lower if the pages diplays certain other qualities.

It is logical.

It is aimed at delivering results + making sure that search engines are not manipulated by people simply promoting their products.

Both Yahoo and google offer paid advertising, right?

Well the whole point for their advertising system to be credible is to make sure that people don't get that type of exposure for free at will.

I mean this is such a big debate and in fact, I won't get into it.

I said above that there is no penalization. There is simply an estimation of the value of a page + the channel in which is presented - That's either the blog or the website.

So, here are some top key behaviors that could score low in the search engine ranking process:
  • too much duplicated content
  • too many posts
  • titles for the post too similar
  • posted on too many blogs
  • too much sudden activity, nothing after that
  • too intense abnormal activity on the blog
  • Too much traffic directed to just one place
  • Abnormal linking - like 20 posts with 100 links each
  • Etc

The key question is:

If any of these elements are EFFECTIVELY diqualifiers, which one are they?

And what disqualifying value do they cary respectively!

When we enter in that field, there is LOTS of gues work.

I could reorinet my posting strategy when in fact it might not matter at all.

Maybe certain behaviors that I think could be disqualifiers might not be at all.

On the other hand, ceratin factors that I could consider irrelevant are in fact disqualifiers.

On top of that, a factor that is irrelevant or caries little weight can become a massive top disqualifier overnight through an algorythm change.

+ There is lots of variation between search engines.


At this stage, it works at 95% by following my gut + listening a bit to some information out there.

The thing is that the only ones who know EXACTLY what is going on are the ones who design the algorythms of course.

When a PR guy reveals something about it, it REALLY could be a misleading strategy to side track the SEO industry!

Would they use such techniques?

Of course they could! Remember that Billions of $ are at stake!

SEO competes with adwords!

SEO competes with yahoo ads!

Are they going to help SEO???? why would they do that?

To keep everyone happy? that's the PR aspect of all that and guess what?

What is said through "Official" announcements is certainly only a small fraction of what is truly going on.

The guys who design the algorythms want to stay a few steps ahead of course!

That's the plan!

It is like a secret code that is aimed and designed to never be found.

If the SEO industry gets any closer to finding it, then it is redesigned and updated with a new set of codes!

Yes! It is logical and makes abolsute sense to think that way.

This does not mean that SEO does not work!!!

Of course it does... to a certain extent + You need to constantly refine your strategy so that disqualifiers are not triggered.

Of course, QUALITY CONTENT is a key, but quality content gives you nothing in search engines.

yes, eventually the public might find you but guess what... You have millions of pages written out there that nobody read and nobody finds...

Why? because they are lost in a sea of content.

... And the only way they will be found is if somehow they surface in this sea of unsorted content.

When a search engine returns 1'000'000 results, even if you go to the result 989, there is still 999'000 results that don't even show up, EVER!

+ if you are not in the first page of results, you are almost as lost.

So, it is essential to be super smart with this SEO thing!


MUST go hand in hand.


Of course, there are a whole lot of other options that simply don't depend on search engines - Yes, you can create a connection with an audience, be super good at what you do, have millions of people know about you and never show up in search engine results.

That type of exposure is simply gained through other marketing or exposure avenue.

It can be a best seller, a key role in a move, incredible skills, etc.

But this is not what we are covering here, is it?

So, let's stick to search engines from now and keep identifying the best blogging SEO strategies.


By the way, another point...

I am still talking mainly about blogging SEO because this is a technique I am testing now and gives me the possibility to create solid content relatively fast.

I did already successfully use many other SEO approaches and might cover that another time.

As I am only scratching the tip of the possibilities with BLOGGING SEO, I will keep exploring this as it is a fascinating and exciting adventure, REALLY!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is there such a thing as too much activity for search engines? - SEO

Honestly, I don't think there is...

But, yes! There can be poor and super duplicated content.

I think that search engines do recognize when content it too "duplicated" and simply posying the same post over and over again is like keyword stuffing in the metatags.

Again, it is logical.

If you design a search engine, you will want results to be the highest possible quality, so you will put in place strategies to filter poor content.

I am prety sure, that for search engine developers, it is VERY easy to spot poor or overaly duplictaed content.

So, they simply won't rank these results high which is again LOGICAL!

They don't want to deliver poor content to their market.

So, the answer is to maintain the line of adding quality to the posts by diversifying the content as I said earlier with articles, videos, audios, etc + Adding as much value as possible.

SEO effectiveness works with quality content!

You have to think both of serving search engines + the real audience of visitors! ABSOLUTELY!

Let's talk about results so far... - SEO

A few days (3-5) into this new SEO blooging campaign and here is what I observe:


  • Hits to breakupformen.htm

This is the main page I have been directing links to, with literally dozens of new keywords and hundreds of blog posts

two things are happening there:

  • slight increase around 20% to real traffic to this page
  • massive 1000% increase in the awstats tracking I use

This last one 1000% increase (around 16000 hits so far this month - and 90% of this is probably only in the last 3 days) is probably not real human traffic, otherwise it would show up in the other analytics tracking systems + massive increase in sales

So, what is it? well, probably som spidering bot picking up these links and folloing the page over and over again.

Well, that's good news because it means that the page is actually getting search engine attention.

Remember that my primary purpose when creating these SEO blogging campaigns WAS to multiply traffic to this main sales page. So, there are some good positive results so far

One more trend that just showed up today:

I can see that the entry pages to the main sales page today for the last 100 visitors is VERY high!

It is in fact the highest I have seen ever with around 16% of entering traffic directed to this main sales page...

This would be the EXACT result I would expect.

Let's see if I can confirm this trend over the next fe days


  • Traffic to main blogs

After a first couple of days of massive traffic increase, there was a drop and and now still back an increase today.

It was spectacular at first, now, hope the rising trend is maintained.

What is interesting is that 2 days ago, I was posting systematically the same post tragetd for different keyphrases.

There was a strong traffic drop the day after.

Yesterday, I started focuing on DIVERSIFYING my posts and adding value with extra articles and texts and guess what, today, there is again a traffic increase... Which of course is LOGICAL!!!

It is simply nice to know that a change in strategy actually lead to the expected change in results.

There is of course not enough data to make this a REAL fact. It is simply an indication that I will keep in mind.


  • Sales

Sales are steady - No real change - It is to be expected of course because the real traffic to the main sales page did not yet increase too much.

The period is too short to measure a REAL trend - the real period to estimate sales increase is 30 days.

This no significant increase is as well logical as the the traffic to the main sales page si still very close to what it was before.


This is a LONG TERM strategy.

For it to work and resulst to kick in, there is need to be focus + CONSISTENCY.

Doing for a day and the forgeting about it is not good enough.

To get the absolute best results, my bet is that SEO blogging needs to be done everyday!

The more you do it, the higher the results.

The things is that in terms of SEO blogging activity, after 4 days of it, I still did not even stractch its full potential. and this is after posting around 100 posts to dozens of blogs.

There is MUCH MORE to do along that line.

At this stage, I simply see no limit!


  • Overall traffic to the site

That's one point which is "weird" and I still need an answer on that one.

Traffic is steady.

Now, I see an increase to the main break up for men blog + the main sales page... But this traffic increase is not significant enough to make a difference in the overall traffic.

Even if it's a 5% change, it is not high enough to be SOLIDLY perceptible yet with the daily variations overall.

Daily variations can shift up to 10%-20% so even if there is a 5% increase, it REALLY might not be visible overall.


  • Traffic to past SEO pages

Remember that I did especially promote and update a set of the top 5 SEO pages. and posted a series of blog posts to direct some traffic to these ones.

Compared with the activity to the main page, the traffic building activity to these SEO pages represents only maybe 2% of what was invested to build traffic to the main sales page.

So... No wonder there are no visble results yet.

That's a strategy that could work, but what it means is that I would diversify my efforts and eventually lose focus on the main targed.

So, Yes! I am pretty sure that using these strategies to promote the 300+ SEO pages already created CAN work. It will simply take time, focus and energy to maintain that.

the key questions is:

  • what is best? puting all my efforts into just one main page or diversifying and trying to direct traffic to all SEO pages?

Remember that these SEO pages convert only at a fraction of the main sales page. For various reasons, they are less effective at selling...

At this stage, I have been puting 80% of my effort into promoting the main sales page and 20% on the other SEO pages. This sounds like a healthy balance so far

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Here is what comes!

Diversifying IS natural and beside it is the best prent to give to my audience out there!

So! The challenge of today is actually a call for improving the quality of the blogs by diversifying their content.

With diversification, anything goes as long as it matters and is quality.

My break up blog is one of the top resources online on this topic already... So, simply going with the flow of creativity and inspiration of the moment while creating content that is not only relevant but is as well effective SEO wise is a VERY natural thing to do.

There is already so much! Really - There is no need to force anything - I can take posts, articles, success stories, videos, audios, written power kicks, product icons and simply with that, I already have an infinite range of possibilities and combinations.

Each one of these posts can still be optimized to score high in search results!


Even with diversifying, I can still easily post dozens of high quality ads filled with keywords and solid content without losing time or betraying my audience.

People will be thankful to be drawn to my content even if it is promotional because it is high energy and packed with solid resources! Yes! there is a product to buy but even the promotional material does already give my audience a serious powerful boost!

I am now creating material for both my audience + search engines!











Coming soon

Identify what creates the traffic drop - SEO

That's of course the key question to ask.

Here are some possibilities:


The traffic drop is natural and would happen anyway

The same as with other online activities, sometimes, there is a drop for a day or a few days and then traffic comes back naturally.

This means that the best strategy to handle this is to keep on going


Diversify the type of posts and ad value to the blog

That's another option - It can be done in various ways:
  • Podcast
  • Videos
  • Articles

It is possible as well to:

  • diversify the bog and ad new topics to it


This diversification in the content of the blog can be done by diversifying the ads themselved - making the posts more "complex" ad articles to them, etc

Or it can be done by creating new posts and either posting series of articles or intertwining ads with this other type of content.

This second strategy can be used randomly - ad articles or other content when inspiration hits - or do it systematically for instance one ad - one article - one video - one ad - one article - one video - etc


Yes! I am convinced that there is a way of posting that REALLY works consistently long term of course until something needs to be shifted again...

It is just a matter of finding out what


So, it is ESSENTIAL to know what works and what doesn't so that the right type of energy is put where it matters most.

This is REALLY what makes the difference between succeeding or not with blogging SEO


Todays' trend and how to respond - SEO

After a few days blog posting, there is a decrease now in the growth trend.

It's obvious that something shifted in the way search engines respond to my content.

So, when there is such a drop, what is the best response.

Here are some possibilities:
  • Keep posting exactly the way I did before
  • Post new materials like articles or other texts
  • Change the ads I post to a more article like format
  • ???

What is the best response today?

Well, the main mistake would be to give and shift line of activity!

Don't do that!

As I have seen in the past, the results I got are serious and it means that the strategy I have been applying does work!

Now, the hurdle I face now can be a natural trend and I have seen these sudden shifts in the past either up or down.

So, first strategy:

  • Stay focused and don't give up

Then, maintain the line of action or shift something?

Shift what?

Ad what?

These are the next key questions I need answers for

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More optimization factors for blog posts - SEO

Since I started posting I realized there were a few optimization elements I was not yet using:


Meta tags Description + keywords
  • Meta tags for description and keywords - Because these need to be in the head of the blog, I posted the top 40 keywords for break ups for men + the same keywords in the description


Bold tag

  • <> tag not yet used


Keyword density factor

  • Keyword density factor - at this stage the key sentence is often surrounded by text in the link. This can potentially make the value of that link lose value... Right? Wrong?


Keep image alt tag in check

  • The alt tag for the image I had in the post did not update properly for new keywords I posted - To keep in mind


Anything else?

Today's key challenge - SEO

How to get the blog posts that already score to score even higher?

That's THE key question for today!!!

That's the element I need a solid strategy for!

Here are some possible options:
  • Post again the set of links to these pages - REPEATED action
  • Ad something to the post itself - Text? more keywords? longer post? More tags?
  • Post new individual links to these posts
  • Post links to these posts in the blogrolls/footers/sidebars of the other blogs
  • ????

What EXACTLY can be done to increase the success rate of these pages???



The blogs posts that score high often didn't get accessed by the specific key phrase they were posted for.

It might something similar or close but in most cases, it is not the specific keyphrase...

But when checking the top ranking for the SPECIFIC keyphrase, the page does already score usually pretty high.

So, what I am saying right here in this update does not influence the target for today and the fact that the score for the specific posts can still be imporved for the specific keywords


SEO blogging campaigns - What to measure - SEO

4 key parameters to check:
  • Number of sales
  • Traffic to main sales page
  • Traffic to blogs
  • Traffic to specific posts
  • Estimated clickthrough rate on blog posts
  • Traffic to SEO pages
  • Overall traffic and activity on the site

Blog posts - Which ones work? - SEO

As it was to be expected the blogs posts which are fully optimized are the ones getting the traffic.

I has 3 types of posts so far:
  • packed with various keyword with internal links directing to main sales page - NOT OPTIMIZED FOR A SPECIFIC KEYPHRASE
  • Video + short text with internal links - NOT OPTIMIZED FOR A SPECIFIC KEYPHRASE

This last category gets the traffic 99% of it.

Simply posting text + posts + vids + interesting info and hoping that search engines will magically make you score higher does not work... At least if the goal is to get these pages to be viewed.

Because of the big amount of keywords and keyphrase pointing to the main page, the first and second category could still have an impact in bringing search engine juice to the main sales page.

That's not yet proven though.


Have a clear, solid and perfected method for posting - a simple change in this posting strategy can make the total difference between success and not success!

It's essential to perfect the strategy + measure results!!! Not juts go with the vague inspiration or feeling of the moment.

Some methods give you high results! Other have zero impact

Find out EXACTLY what works and what doesn't!

Next step in SEO bogging - SEO

Now that I start getting some results here are a few directions I can take:
  • Repeat the same posting ads operation systematically for 50 keyword phrases daily - Cover all possible break up keywords
  • Diversify to other products + whole new blogging campaign
  • Promote sateelite blogs + posts in these blogs
  • Promote SEO pages
  • Create new blogs
  • Blog design + stats
  • Create new ads/Blog posts
  • Research further blogging SEO strategies
  • Get already indexed posts to score higher
  • Posting again the past posts + links sets
  • ???

That's already a whole bunch of possibilities and directions!!!

What's the best way to go?

I need an answer on that one

Monday, May 18, 2009

Blog posts results - Will they stick - SEO

This is a key question that will determine the following steps:

Will the blog post keep ranking high with time or will it go down with time?

That's a key question to ask and something to keep in check.

Right now, not enough data is available on this topic.

To check further...

Blog posts vs SEO pages? - What works best? - SEO

Well, I don't have enough data to make real stats but on a key example I checked, a blog post appear on the same level as a SEO page within 24 hours and the keyphrase target is not even the keyword for the blog post.

Thsi proves that actually, right now, getting blog posts to be optimized and score high in search engines seems to work well so far.

There is an essential question I will ask in the following post...

New SEO blogging campaign - 3 kley challenges right now - SEO

Here we go:

  • Blog design

With the list of blog getting longer, some designs are not too nice and are a turn off.

Target ---->>>Getting a nice consistent design that works


  • Stats

This means that the code needs to be updated in the new blogs - That's doable for blogs hosted on blogger but wordpress does not that editing of template option - stats are still on the site but need to be checked individually for every site


  • Clickthroughs from blog posts to main sales page

At this stage, while visitors are accessing the blog pages, clickthroughs to the actual sales pages are still limited - The target is to have a higher conversion rate of whatever action and have enough value on the blog post page to trigger interest and response.

Target ---->>> Posting strategy needs to be super effective to opimize clickthroughs and visitor's response


That's actually the main key challenge!!!

I need answers and vision on that one!

Target --------->> Max clickthrough rate

Target --------->> Max response

Target --------->> Max conversion

Original Goal for this new SEO BLOGGING campaign - SEO

Remember that the original goal for this new SEO campaign was not to get more traffic to individual blog posts.

It was rather to boost the incoming links to the main sales page by giving it loads of incoming links with very specific targeted keywords.

Now, getting results on that could take some time - My estimation is 2 to 4 weeks to see a real trend - Faster if I am lucky.

So far, I can see 2 side results:


Traffic to individual blog posts does actually happen!

This is unexpected because I did not think that individual blog posts would be able to rank high so fast - That's good and it might be the main avenue to explore in the future.


Potential traffic to main sales page coming from clickthroughs in blog posts rather than SE high ranking results.

That's another unexpedcted possible result - Not showing up yet - But could happen if traffic to blogs keeps increasing.

There is a key challenge associated with that - I'll check this in another post...

Traffic building to established SEO pages - SEO

There are two groups of SEO pages i need to test:
  • Extra4
  • x7

I should post links to these pages systematically on the new different blogs and see if there is a traffic increase.

If this works, it means that search engines pick up not only the new blog posts on an established blog, they are happy to pick up as well older well established pages with no blogging interest.

Let's check that.

The best way to do that is to post links to the first series of extra4 pages - that's around 60 SEO pages.

Do that systematically for 3 days and see if traffic to these pages does increase or not.

Remember that with the blog posts, traffic increase can already be seen within a few days.

That's pretty fast!

SEO Blogging results - The pages that score best - SEO

So far, I starts to see the first results in ranking.

The pages that seemt o score best are the ones from the already well established break up for men blog which is hosted on the site.

This blog has been active for a while.

Now, the question is:
  • Do these posts score high because they are hosted on a blog which has been well established?
  • Or do these pages score high because I post links to them in the 20 other blogs I created so far?

In other terms, does posting specific links to blog posts on all sites trigger a higher ranking.

  • Is this one decisive element?
  • What happens if the links posted on all blogs direct to already created SEO pages, not blog posts? Does it work as well?
  • Can this strategy only generate higher rankings for any post on any blog? or does the blog need to be well established + hosted on vitalcoaching?

These are key questions I should be REALLY testing as it is a super important indication to how high ranking of a page works.

There are at least 3 tests I should run:

  • Posting systematically links on all 20 blogs to SEO pages and see if the traffic to these pages increases
  • Posting systematically links to other blogs on
  • Posting systematically links to blogs not hosted on vitalcoaching but on blogger or wordpress

Even if this last one works, it might not be too usefull to create traffic building strategies to pages not hosted on vitalcoaching - This is solid traffic juice and I should rather build traffic to my domain name rather than a generic domain name on blogger or wordpress.



I checked another well established blog: vitalnews which as the exact same features as the main breakup blog.

While there is clear traffic increase on breakup for men, there is no traffic increase towards vitalnews.

The only difference between the activity on these two blogs over the last couple days is the fact that no links to vitalnews were posted on other blogs whereas all new posts on break up for men were linked from all other blogs.

So, yes! The trick to get this extra traffic boost + results is to get the specific posts linked within the other blogs.

Another option for that one could be that for other previous reasons break up for men was already ranking higher than vitalnews before I started this new SEO BLOGGINg campaign.

To be followed and tested!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What to do with existing SEO pages - SEO

a few options
  • Leave them the way they are
  • Update them with new sales elements
  • Promote them in footers
  • Use them differently

3 key wasy to use optimized pages - SEO

Here we go:
  • Sales page
  • Traffic building for main sales page
  • Email capture
  • Articles and resources list

50 links footer - RESULTS - SEO

50 links footer?

Does it work?

Here are the results I get now in the following sets of pages
  • Extra2 - 200 pages - Dating for women - not linked in footers - 2000 pages/month -

11000 pages/month best month Oct 2007 - associated with footer links? - This could be... - There was effectively a period in which I started posting footer links fo these pages in a systematic way all across the website - this means that close to 100 pages were promoted repeatedly all over the site - This could be a key

  • Extra4 - 50 pages - breakup for men - linked in footers - 1500 pages/month

6000 pages/month best month - Jan 2007

  • x5 - 50 pages - breakup for women - not linked - 50 pages/month

2000 pages/month best month - Jan 2007

  • x6 - 50 pages - jealousy for men - linked - 600 pages/month

1300 pages/month best month - March 2007

  • x7 - 100 pages - break up for men - not linked - 200 pages/month

800 pages/month best month - Dec 2007

  • x8 - 100 pages - jealousy for men - not linked - 200 pages/month (lots of variation!)

600 pages/month best month - Jan 2009


So, it is VERY clear that the pages which are linked via the footer extra4 and x6 score high!

extra2 gets lots of visit but it is 200 pages + High traffic keywords.

The big difference is obvious between:

  • Extra4 - 1500 pages/month - linked - breakup for men
  • x5 - 50 pages/month - not linked - breakup for women

These pages have the same type of targetd keywords one set for men - one set of women.

Conclusion: pages linked get 5 to 20 times more traffic.


A few keypoints:


  • The linking must be permanent! - It's not good enough to keep the links there for one month and remove them - It is a long term effort - In the case of the extra4 campaign, it probably took around 6 months for the traffic increase to start kicking in


  • 500+ sales pages to update and maintain! - This is a big challenge because each page functions as a sales page


  • Lower conversion rate - 0.2%-0.5% on SEO pages - 1%-2% on main sales page for the breakup for men pages

This one is a key element the complete main sales page has more feature and is more convincing because it is complete! - The URL is solid

What does it mean?

That optimizing these pages as sales pages is VERY challenging.

You need to take care of:

  • Optimization features
  • Selling elements
  • Easiness to update
  • Unique content

These are LOTS of factors to take care off and even with all my focus, I did manage to create a system that was successful.

But... It might be more effctive to use effective traffic building strategies to direct traffic to the main page if possible.

This means that the opitimized pages could be used in another way.

More on next post...

Optimized pages that work - What's next? - SEO

So far, I have pages that do successfully rank high in 3 major categories:
  • General pages like breakupformen.htm which get lots of traffic from various sources including search key strings - The page is not especially optimized for that key phrase
  • Optimized pages on
  • Optimized pages on satellite sites

This 4th category I am trying to systematically optimize is

  • Blog posts


The optimized pages are still there but traffic on these pages has been decreasing now for the last couple years.

They are often linked in 100+ pages on the site - These are the 50 links footer idea.

Now, does this idea still work, or is it a lost cause?

What keyphrases to choose? - RANDOM or SYSTEMATIC - SEO


when posting go through keywords systematically or use them randomly and go by feeling and the inspiration of the moment?

At this stage I went by feeling...

What to do next with that?

Blog post optimization - What I did - SEO

If you made it to this page and have little experience, you are VERY, VERY lucky because I am going to tell you exactly what I did discover after weeks of searching for SEO info.

Here is what I did to optimize my blog posts - Here is where I did put my keyphrase:
  • Tried to use tags but the system I use returns an error - I would have to find out about that or forget about tagging my posts
  • In the "alt" tag of an image
  • In the <>tag
  • Repeated that 4 times with EBOOK, VIDEO, AUDIO, MORE attached to the search string
  • In the <>tag
  • Link - with no tag
  • In the text


  • After 10 posts, I post to all blogs a set of the latest 10 links to my latest 10 posts on my main blog


Now, the same type of strategy can be expanded with more of the same type of strategies:

  • Use multiple images with same alt tag
  • Use more posts
  • Longer posts with more text - This one could be one to explore
  • Etc.

The key is that I feel that more of the same strategies would NOT actually upgrade the results I already obtain in any way.


Old established blogs score higher! DEFINITELY!

The totally new blogs don't show up yet even though they are pinged.

The ones that do show up are the ones hosted on an established domain name.

It's logical, right? The place where the blog appears and its association with a specific domain gives that post power!

An isolated blog somewhere online with no original domain name will have a harder time scoring high in the rankings.

So, even a new blog in an established domain name can start marking high points fast...

Posting to blogs - What's next? - SEO

So far, so good

With the right technology and tools in place, it is REALLY possible to post 100 posts/day to hundred different blogs.


It requires, focus and consistency but it is doable!

The question is odes it work?


Do search engines pick your pages up!

They do!

The challenge though is to score high in high traffic key phrases.

It is not difficult to get a page to appear in the top 5 for a 5 words keyphrase.

It is even easy to appear in the top #5 in the recent results with a 3 words string.

The challenge is to take all that to the next level and appear in top #3 to top #5 for a 3 word string in general searches with no brackets.

That's probably how most people search.

While it would be logical for the exact phrase to appear on top when brackets are not used, that's not what happens.


What else can be done?

This is what I will cover in a future post

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Next SEO Challenge with these blog posts - SEO

It is to get them to rank high for keywords with higher traffic.

That’s the next step obviously.

There are two options:

The first one is to simply keep on formating and posting exactly the way I did in the last 24 hours.

The second option is to improve the posts and get them to rank higher for trageted higher traffic keywords.

That’s one key question I need and answer for!

How to improve even further the quality of the post and get it to rank higher in the search engine?

Well, there could be a simple answer for that!

Instead of using the keyword only in the title + links, start adding the keyword in the tags as well.

That would be a good place to start

A second option would be to have links show up on the post multiple times!

That would be option 2

That’s again a logical option

Let’s start!!!

Main SEO Challenges - SEO

I started experimenting again with blogging and here are two key challenges I egt so far:

  • getting blogs to be indexed

  • getting enough posts covering the thousands of possible keywords

pages indexed?

Just checked! It actually works!

the blogs I created yesterday ARE on google already -

So, this is actually NOT a challenge!


What about the second one:

what keywords to choose and how to post?

well, I have been already posting a few dozens of trageted post and the key is probably to be consistent with this traffic generating strategy.

if results were shoing straight away in terms of traffic that would be a HUGE surprise actually!

I can imagine though that after around a month of consistent posting activity, results could start showing.


Just made a quick check though and I see a click to a post made yesterday.

The search string is not too complex and my post is on position #3 on the results.

So, one click might not be spectacular but keep in mind that the post is ranking #3 after less than a few hours!

So, there is indeed a possibility for posts to show up high in a VERY short period of time.

The search string is NOT high traffic but there is at least some measurable results after only a few hours of activity.


The post itself was a VERY short one with a few keywords and links to the main sales page.

The visitor clicked on one of the links and stayed on the sales page for 5 minutes.

This means that he took the time to go in depth in the page and did not leave to check other content.

This means that this specific post achieved EXACTLY what it was meant for!

Appear on search engines + get the visitor to click on a link to access the main sales page.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Optimized pages - SEO

SEO challenge?

I just wrote the questions and suddenly stopped and started taking action

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Traffic buiding - what works now - TRAFFIC BUILDING

Still today, a BIG fraction of the pages that get accessed are SEO optimized pages.

This strategy worked better actually around 2 to 3 years ago.

Now, it is possible to optimize pages relatively easily but it is getting serach engines to index them that is the challenge.

Right now, only around 40% of the site is actually indexed and shows up in search engines.

The other pages have been crawled but not indexed even when a site map is submitted

Strategic options - Focus on what matters most! - WEB STRATEGIES


This one concerns much more than selling - It is the overall strategy for development on the site.

There are MANY options and directions to go and it is super ESSENTIAL to put energy where it is needed the most.

Just on the site there dozens of directions that can be taken - Some could be positive and important some others are important but don't make much difference overall for various reasons.

So... here we go!

First the steps that can be taken that don't change much overall:


Changes in video, articles or audio directory pages:

  • adding success stories in video directory pages

These pages even though they are a key element of the navigation don't get much traffic.

Right now, the limiting factor is NOT how they look, it is the fact that simply not much traffic goes to them.

  • changing anything else in these "directory" and product pages

Again, the true limiting factor is traffic to these pages. Even if they are totally optimized and perfected, right now, they get very little traffic because they are "generic". They are general and not specific to a certain product.

On the other hand, pages, like "break up - for men" which cover a specific topic do get much more traffic.

It's logical, right?

This means that 90% of visitors are interested in the the topic first and then eventuall in the WAY it is delivered.

People don't search for "videos" or "articles", they seearch for break up solutions.

That one is clear, right?

So, the conclusion is that:

Yes! I could spend much time developing the quality of these pages (and I might still do of course) but that's not going to change much in essence


Blog design

Another one that will change little to the overall results.

I already tested that in the past - added more fancy and well deigned title icons - published high quality content, etc.

Not much change overall and the reason is simple!

The core of my products is the products page, not the blog. is my product page.

The corresponding blog is there to deliver the content but little to no traffic is directed to it.

Right now, a few aspects of the blogs could be developped and improved but again, it won't make much difference in the final outcome


Automatic blog posting

This is a strategy that I used in the past and while it did work a bit, especially for getting audios delivered to posdcasts, it's not clear what type of impact it might have had on the overall traffic + impact of the site.

Let's check that!

A few blosg have been launched about 10 months ago aimed at increasing traffic to my break up for men page.

Lots of keyword rich links + more.

As I decribed in another post, this could have lead to increased traffic to that specific page but the results are not yet 100% clear.

here is the link to that post

Does automatic posting to blog work? - TRAFFIC BUILDING


New e-books or products

New products with little traffic impact

I created at least 20 new e-books in the last + many videos.

All these products have their own main page with signup option.

Now, the challenge with all these products is that they don't get much traffic.

Of course not - It is to be expected as there was little traffic effort put into them.

While creating and posting these products in the vital membership does ad value of course, it does not fundamentally change the amlount of sales + traffic.

Yes! It is definitely something I can keep on doing.

No, it does not create a radical change in traffic or sales.


I say it again!

Yes, all these steps that can be taken DO have value but they are not steps that will radically change the impact of the site, sales, or signups


Here are some more...


Satellite sites optimization + design

These ones get little traffic.

It takes away energy and juice from the main site.

Eventually some small results can be seen but of course, what would REALLY impact on those sites is that there is much more core activity + traffic building activity given to them.

Simply creating them and forgeting about them is not good enough to generate a solid impact.


Activity on my youtube channel

By activity I mean social activity - answering free questions - activating connections - friends requests - welcoming new subscribers - Etc.

Posting new vids is a whole different story of course and DOES work

But all the social activity which is focused on one on one connections does not change much.

Yes! There are some individual stronger connections that can be established but these are supposed to be happening with my coaching clients.

In fact, since I stopped answering free advice in eiethr youtube or my forums, coaching signups are up significantly.

Of course!

It's logical but it could have been the other way round.

Offering free advice could have given me some good will points and attract positive attention from prospects and future clients.

In reality, the exact opposite happens:

offering free advice one on one devaluates my services and is a turn off for those who would have signed up otherwise.


So, here we go...

We have 6 lines of activity so far that don't really change much in results:

  • Product directory pages
  • Blog designs
  • Automatic blog posting
  • New e-books or products
  • Satellite sites optimization
  • Activity on Youtube channel

Anything else?

Of course, there are many more marketing activities that don't significantly shift the impact of the site.

These are more action lines that I don't even mention because they are more obvious but here we go:

  • Making small design changes on the site
  • Answering questions in other forums
  • Writing 500 new articles and posting them on my site
  • Optimization changes in adwords campaigns (the prices they practice have gone so much up the roof!!! No matter how much you optimize, they still often force you to pay $0.80 for very common keywords - My present limit is at $0.20 and even with accepting to pay 20 cents/click 80% of my keywords are still disabled!)