Friday, May 29, 2009

2 weeks results - BLOGGING SEO

After two weeks, results are still up and traffic IS coming in...

The key question that remains open has to do with selling strategy.


Because right now, even though there is a significant traffic increase, sales associated with this campaign are not really coming in the way they should.

Interestingly, other products are selling better than the one I am promoting right now.

... Which is REALLY weird.

So, what does it mean?
  • That the promotional messages I send are not converting the way they could
  • That I am not connecting with my audience
  • That putting all this energy in promotion is in fact focusing on free content
  • That there is an energy response to too much selling activity
  • That the offer/packaging is not appropriate
  • That there is a delay between the promotional activity and the response from my audience
  • Etc

All these are possibilities.


I need to identify the EXACT limiting factor right now because I am sure that results can be immensely improved!

I admit! I am stacked with that one for a few days and I don't know exactly how to shift what is happening.

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