Friday, May 22, 2009

are blog posts short term lived in search engine ranking? - SEO

It could be!

It is now obvious that at least google indexes posts within minutes.

results appear in search engine results within 15 minutes - I checked many times and it is true.

So, in the same way, it is very much possible that google "drops" or "disqualifies" posts within hours or days after being posted.

Blog audiences are usually looking for fresh content, so the idea is to give ahigher score to fresh content and let it drop in ranking results as time goes by.


That's a theory and it could definitely be true!

To check further though...


Another theory is that new posts are initially boosted because they are fresh.

After hours or days, their ranking goes back to normal.

They are still there but less people will find them.


One last theory is that new content is initiatlly boosted to see if the audience picks it up and starts posting and linking to it.

If after a few days, the post is not being "promoted" through linking or internet buzz, then it slowly drops back to normal


What does it mean? It means that there are many valid reasons why a blog post value would initially be boosted before letting it go back to its normal ranking.

In the search engine algorythm, I can imagine that the freshness of the post is a key factor!

makes total sense when you think of it

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