Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blog post optimization - What I did - SEO

If you made it to this page and have little experience, you are VERY, VERY lucky because I am going to tell you exactly what I did discover after weeks of searching for SEO info.

Here is what I did to optimize my blog posts - Here is where I did put my keyphrase:
  • Tried to use tags but the system I use returns an error - I would have to find out about that or forget about tagging my posts
  • In the "alt" tag of an image
  • In the <>tag
  • Repeated that 4 times with EBOOK, VIDEO, AUDIO, MORE attached to the search string
  • In the <>tag
  • Link - with no tag
  • In the text


  • After 10 posts, I post to all blogs a set of the latest 10 links to my latest 10 posts on my main blog


Now, the same type of strategy can be expanded with more of the same type of strategies:

  • Use multiple images with same alt tag
  • Use more posts
  • Longer posts with more text - This one could be one to explore
  • Etc.

The key is that I feel that more of the same strategies would NOT actually upgrade the results I already obtain in any way.


Old established blogs score higher! DEFINITELY!

The totally new blogs don't show up yet even though they are pinged.

The ones that do show up are the ones hosted on an established domain name.

It's logical, right? The place where the blog appears and its association with a specific domain gives that post power!

An isolated blog somewhere online with no original domain name will have a harder time scoring high in the rankings.

So, even a new blog in an established domain name can start marking high points fast...

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