Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Digital products or hard copy? - Here is THE answer! - PACKAGING

I just sent a mailing out yesterday to my lists and the response was ovewelming!

50 responses - 90% prefer downloads/instant access

20% suggest that maybe it is an idea to offer both

5% would prefer hard copy

The reasons are:
  • Cheaper
  • No delay
  • Everything available at a click of a mouse
  • Ecofriendly

Of course, I am online and people find me because they tend to be looking for that type of product too - I agree!

If I was asking this quetion in a bookshop, the answer might be VERY different ;)

But... Not even sure.

I had the impression that this would be the response but not to that extent.

+ I got some very solid feed back!

basically, many people are saying:

Your product is EXACTLY the way it is supposed to be!

That's how they like it! Convenient! User friendly! Easy!

No hassle! No hurddle!

What does it tell me?

That the packaging of my products is perfect and that I don't need to change a thing.


Yes, offering a paperpack + Data CD with everything on it could be an option

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