Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let's talk about results so far... - SEO

A few days (3-5) into this new SEO blooging campaign and here is what I observe:


  • Hits to breakupformen.htm

This is the main page I have been directing links to, with literally dozens of new keywords and hundreds of blog posts

two things are happening there:

  • slight increase around 20% to real traffic to this page
  • massive 1000% increase in the awstats tracking I use

This last one 1000% increase (around 16000 hits so far this month - and 90% of this is probably only in the last 3 days) is probably not real human traffic, otherwise it would show up in the other analytics tracking systems + massive increase in sales

So, what is it? well, probably som spidering bot picking up these links and folloing the page over and over again.

Well, that's good news because it means that the page is actually getting search engine attention.

Remember that my primary purpose when creating these SEO blogging campaigns WAS to multiply traffic to this main sales page. So, there are some good positive results so far

One more trend that just showed up today:

I can see that the entry pages to the main sales page today for the last 100 visitors is VERY high!

It is in fact the highest I have seen ever with around 16% of entering traffic directed to this main sales page...

This would be the EXACT result I would expect.

Let's see if I can confirm this trend over the next fe days


  • Traffic to main blogs

After a first couple of days of massive traffic increase, there was a drop and and now still back an increase today.

It was spectacular at first, now, hope the rising trend is maintained.

What is interesting is that 2 days ago, I was posting systematically the same post tragetd for different keyphrases.

There was a strong traffic drop the day after.

Yesterday, I started focuing on DIVERSIFYING my posts and adding value with extra articles and texts and guess what, today, there is again a traffic increase... Which of course is LOGICAL!!!

It is simply nice to know that a change in strategy actually lead to the expected change in results.

There is of course not enough data to make this a REAL fact. It is simply an indication that I will keep in mind.


  • Sales

Sales are steady - No real change - It is to be expected of course because the real traffic to the main sales page did not yet increase too much.

The period is too short to measure a REAL trend - the real period to estimate sales increase is 30 days.

This no significant increase is as well logical as the the traffic to the main sales page si still very close to what it was before.


This is a LONG TERM strategy.

For it to work and resulst to kick in, there is need to be focus + CONSISTENCY.

Doing for a day and the forgeting about it is not good enough.

To get the absolute best results, my bet is that SEO blogging needs to be done everyday!

The more you do it, the higher the results.

The things is that in terms of SEO blogging activity, after 4 days of it, I still did not even stractch its full potential. and this is after posting around 100 posts to dozens of blogs.

There is MUCH MORE to do along that line.

At this stage, I simply see no limit!


  • Overall traffic to the site

That's one point which is "weird" and I still need an answer on that one.

Traffic is steady.

Now, I see an increase to the main break up for men blog + the main sales page... But this traffic increase is not significant enough to make a difference in the overall traffic.

Even if it's a 5% change, it is not high enough to be SOLIDLY perceptible yet with the daily variations overall.

Daily variations can shift up to 10%-20% so even if there is a 5% increase, it REALLY might not be visible overall.


  • Traffic to past SEO pages

Remember that I did especially promote and update a set of the top 5 SEO pages. and posted a series of blog posts to direct some traffic to these ones.

Compared with the activity to the main page, the traffic building activity to these SEO pages represents only maybe 2% of what was invested to build traffic to the main sales page.

So... No wonder there are no visble results yet.

That's a strategy that could work, but what it means is that I would diversify my efforts and eventually lose focus on the main targed.

So, Yes! I am pretty sure that using these strategies to promote the 300+ SEO pages already created CAN work. It will simply take time, focus and energy to maintain that.

the key questions is:

  • what is best? puting all my efforts into just one main page or diversifying and trying to direct traffic to all SEO pages?

Remember that these SEO pages convert only at a fraction of the main sales page. For various reasons, they are less effective at selling...

At this stage, I have been puting 80% of my effort into promoting the main sales page and 20% on the other SEO pages. This sounds like a healthy balance so far

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