Saturday, May 16, 2009

Main SEO Challenges - SEO

I started experimenting again with blogging and here are two key challenges I egt so far:

  • getting blogs to be indexed

  • getting enough posts covering the thousands of possible keywords

pages indexed?

Just checked! It actually works!

the blogs I created yesterday ARE on google already -

So, this is actually NOT a challenge!


What about the second one:

what keywords to choose and how to post?

well, I have been already posting a few dozens of trageted post and the key is probably to be consistent with this traffic generating strategy.

if results were shoing straight away in terms of traffic that would be a HUGE surprise actually!

I can imagine though that after around a month of consistent posting activity, results could start showing.


Just made a quick check though and I see a click to a post made yesterday.

The search string is not too complex and my post is on position #3 on the results.

So, one click might not be spectacular but keep in mind that the post is ranking #3 after less than a few hours!

So, there is indeed a possibility for posts to show up high in a VERY short period of time.

The search string is NOT high traffic but there is at least some measurable results after only a few hours of activity.


The post itself was a VERY short one with a few keywords and links to the main sales page.

The visitor clicked on one of the links and stayed on the sales page for 5 minutes.

This means that he took the time to go in depth in the page and did not leave to check other content.

This means that this specific post achieved EXACTLY what it was meant for!

Appear on search engines + get the visitor to click on a link to access the main sales page.


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